Community Project: American State Capitals

That’s Andrews AFB.


Showtime ladies!
Now that Project Cape Verde is out of the way, I am focusing on doing more American State Capital Airports.
The ones I’m currently working on is KCRW (Charleston - Yeager Regional, WV) and KLIT (Little Rock - B. and H. Clintion National, AR).

I am done with all taxiways and 2D buildings, lines next.

There is only little progress to show so far, but at least I’m done with runways. You’ll be able to see more soon.

If anyone else is working on Priority III airports at the moment (@CptNathanHope, @Lolo31R) make sure to keep the thread alive a little and post a few pictures!

Have a nice week!


as requested from @BavariaAVIATION i´ll show you my first Priority III airport:

KALB-Albany International Airport-NEW YORK-USA

already finished and will be available in Global


As requested:

KBOS - Boston, Massachusetts:

KPVD - Providence, Rhode Island:

KBDL - Hartford, Connecticut:

Simon, you’re also missing the state of Maine in your list. :)

The capital airport is KAUG (part of Project NE - will be done by me soon).


Hey, come on. Do you think that USA is like the most important? Post your progress on other regions and countries as well!

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Um, that’s what these threads are for. :)

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Well, the biggest group in IF come from north america …

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What I meant was: Make some new topics showing completed and to be completed airport for each region. Like one topic for Indian and South Asian airports, one for Middle East airports and so on.

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True. but they didn’t even show Canada’s airports? Their neighbour’s airports?

we just decide to do this project…we could´ve done one of germany for example but no…you´ll have to wait until someone does a project of other regions or just look in specific threads for airports
thanks for understanding

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That would affect nothing but spam.

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And also, if you either had a better look on the forum or our github you could see dozens of canadian, south african, indian, middle eastern, south asian airports.
This thread is for this project only so don’t annoy us with your personal preferences.

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KJEF - Jefferson City Memorial Airport

i hope i´ll have it finished before saturday


West Virginia:

Charleston - Yeager Airport (KCRW)

Airport overview:

General aviation area (southeast):

Passenger Terminal:

USAF Military Apron:

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You traitor @BavariaAVIATION !!! Why not all of the German airports! haha

Nearly all bavarian airports (except for very few GA fields) and all at least slightly big german airports have already been done.
I’m working on airports in every corner of the globe.


Have fun working on KLIT :)

Btw, you should make all Danish Airports, @BavariaAVIATION

Thanks, I will have fun for sure.
Nah, danish airports are ugly. The major ones usually have these military hangar areas that are a pain to draw.

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Well… I assume you can’t handle the challenge.