Community Project: American State Capitals

Hey everyone,
yep it’s me yet again. This is the second time I’m announcing a new project today, but I’m pretty sure most of you guys will enjoy this one a lot more.

I’m happy to announce Project American State Capitals, which means that the biggest airports belonging to each US State Capital will be edited.
But, I’m not going to work on it alone. I will be doing this project with @lolo31r and @FlyerN926HY, but my fellow german editing machines @Moritz_Babl and perhaps @Aviationluver will occassionally contribute to this massive project as well.

This project is actually pretty interesting because although its title may make it seem massive, this project offers a perfect mixture of big international airports and small regional, municipal airports.

Without further a do, here is the complete airport list:

  • Alabama: KMGM - Montgomery Regional // Pending
  • Alaska: PAJN - Juneau International // Redone (BavariaAVIATION)
  • Arizona: KPHX - Phoenix International // Redone (BrunoC)
  • Arkansas: KLIT - Little Rock / Bill & Hillary Clinton National // Redone (BavariaAVIATION)
  • California: KSMF - Sacramento International // Redone (BrunoC)
  • Colorado: KDEN - Denver International Already in app
  • Conneticut: KBDL - Bradley / Hartford International // Redone (CptNathanHope)
  • Delaware: KDOV - Dover Air Force Base // Pending
  • Florida: KTLH - Tallahassee International // Pending
  • Georgia: KATL - Atlanta / Hartsfield Jackson International Redone (Kilt_McHaggis)
  • Hawaii: PHNL - Honolulu International Already in app
  • Idaho: KBOI - Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field // Pending
  • Illinois: KSPI - Springfield / Abraham Lincoln Capital // Pending
  • Indiana: KIND - Indianapolis International // Redone (DavidCutler)
  • Iowa: KDSM - Des Moines International // Pending
  • Kansas: KFOE - Forbes Field / Topeka Regional // Redone (lolo31r)
  • Kentucky: KFFT - Frankfort / Capital City // Pending
  • Louisiana: KBTR - Baton Rouge Metropolitan // Pending
  • Maine: KAUG - Augusta State // Being redone by CptNathanHope
  • Maryland: KANP - Annapolis / Lee // Pending
  • Massachusetts: KBOS - Boston / Logan International // Redone (CptNathanHope)
  • Michigan: KLAN - Lansing / Capital Region International // Being redone by ryu12332
  • Minnesota: KMSP - Minneapolis / St. Paul International // Being redone by Aviationluver
  • Mississippi: KJAN - Jackson / Medgar Wiley Evers International // Redone (BavariaAVIATION)
  • Missouri: KJEF - Jefferson City Memorial // Redone (lolo31r)
  • Montana: KHLN - Helena International // Pending
  • Nebraska: KLNK - Lincoln // Pending
  • Nevada: KCXP - Carson City // Pending
  • New Hampshire: KCON - Concord Municipal // Redone (CptNathanHope)
  • New Jersey: KTTN - Trenton Municipal // Already in app
  • New Mexico: KSAF - Santa Fe Municipal // Pending
  • New York: KALB - Albany International // Redone (lolo31r)
  • North Carolina: KRDU - Raleigh / Durham International // Redone (BavariaAVIATION)
  • North Dakota: KBIS - Bismarck Municipal // Being redone by FlyerN926HY
  • Ohio: KCMH - Port Columbus International // Redone (DavidCutler)
  • Oklahoma: KOKC - Oklahoma City International // Pending
  • Oregon: KSLE - Salem Municipal - McNary Field // Pending
  • Pennsylvania: KMDT - Harrisburg International // Redone (BavariaAVIATION)
  • Rhode Island: KPVD - Providence / Theodore Francis Green State // Redone (CptNathanHope)
  • South Carolina: KCAE - Columbia Metropolitan // Already in app
  • South Dakota: KPIR - Pierre Regional // Pending
  • Tennessee: KBNA - Nashville International // Pending
  • Texas: KAUS - Austin Bergstrom International // Redone (Kilt_McHaggis)
  • Utah: KSLC - Salt Lake City International // Pending
  • Vermont: KMVP - Montpellier / Edward F Knapp State // Featured in Project New England
  • Virginia: KRIC - Richmond International // Redone (danielshaw)
  • Washington: KOLM - Olympia Regional // Already in app
  • West Virginia: KCRW - Charleston / Yeager // Redone (BavariaAVIATION)
  • Wisconsin: KMSN - Madison / Dane County Regional // Being Redone by Tristin_Woolf
  • Wyoming: KCYS - Cheyenne Regional // Pending

Airports Completed: 20/50 (-30)

Progress in percent: 40%

That’s them all covered.
But - of course - a lot of these airports have already been done, quite a few by myself actualy, so we won’t have to do them all, some are even already in the app, we will add a note behind already redone airports.
Other than those exceptions, we are planning to do every airport on the above list. We do not know when we will be finished, we do not know if we will finish before global comes out, we will be doing airports of our choice in between or at the same time, this project will be a priority for us, but we won’t be working on it non-stop.

If there are any more questions please ask below and we’ll happily answer.
That sums it up I guess, I hope you guys are as anxious as we are for this project.



For Ohio KCMH its now called John Glenn Port Columbus International and if you guys need any help with KCMH as in they recently just had some more additions to it just let me or Ryan Vince know! (Ryan works at CMH, as I spent a lot of my summers there!)

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Great work :)

KCMH has already been edited.
We won’t take care of it anymore.

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They’re aware. :)


That’s his choice.

Ok thanks for letting us know then…

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Sorry to say this and I know you already deleted your comment, but people like you totally rage me out.
Airport Editing is completely voluntary and we have the freedom to edit what we want (although @dush19 forces me to do suggestion but… You know… Savage Simon doesn’t).
We know people come from all over the world and everyone wants to have their airport done, but I have totally no understanding for random people telling us what to do.
We aren’t paid a penny, so don’t treat us like workers.
If you are willing to pay a 50€ basic fee plus 10€ per hour spent I will be happy to do the airport you wish.
If you aren’t either hope or do it yourself. Simple as that.


You need KLCK, KOSU, and KTZR in Columbus, Ohio. I might be joining the airport editing team so I may be able to help you.

KCMH is still Port Columbus for use of pilots. John Glenn Columbus International is just the name of it as a public place (as of now).

There you go.
Only the biggest airport serving a capital city will be edited.


KLCK is a major cargo only airport, so technically it’s the biggest cargo airport serving the area. But, sorry I missed that part.


Ah a fellow Columbus person! So in aviation terms its still Port Columbus but in public terms its John Glenn?


Correct! Kinda confusing isn’t it!


Priority 1 A380 is nearly done. Great job all the siting team. I couldn’t have done this without you. I really really appreciate all the fantastic work you guys have done!

Priority 2 = Airports > 10,000ft

Would It be ok to make US Capitals as Priority 3? Not sure the overlap with Priority 2 airports.

Anyway I will help you get this done one way or another.

Thank you for your great idea and valued contributions.

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If this list is exhausted quickly it can be extended to other provincial capitals/important airports.

Can you add BHM to AL airport, because that is the main airport in Alabama

Read the top post again and delete your comment afterwards, thanks.

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We have a milestone for it already and I think it’s not enough airports for a Priority.
I will have a more in-depth view later on, but there shouldn’t be much more than 30 airports left to do from the above list since many have already been done or are featured in other projects.
A possible idea for Priority III (if we ever do one) is international airports…

But it’s great to have his majesty Kilt in the boat for this!

All airports in the top post now equipped with labels.
You can now see what is in the works, what has been done already, what’s left to do and a quick progress summary. Cheers!