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How do i know what is missing for geting member status?

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No one knows the exact requirements to achieve TL2. They are kept secret to prevent abuse. My advice is to just continue posting, reading, and liking. You should reach TL2 in no time. ;)


So there is no chance to see what i shoud do to level up?

Nope. Like @Dylan_M said, just keep liking, reading and commenting, and you’ll be there in no time.

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Check this

That is from discourse itself, the IF devs has slightly changed the requirements and will not realize them


Those requirements have been changed for this forum. The current requirements are undisclosed. :)


But they are close to truth right?

No, IFC requirements are based off this.

Possibly, but only the devs know for sure. Don’t rely on them as a hard set of barriers that you need to pass to achieve TL2.

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