Community Poll & Upcoming MD-11 Guide FAQ

Well I am temporarily using an Ipad

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Oke good to know

Why don’t you just wait until you actually post the thread? It’s going to kill any hype (if it’s there) for the thread if everyone sees all of the content that will be on it.

It’s great to see the amount of research and effort you’re putting into the thread, but it’ll be more of a surprise to people if they see it all for the first time when you post the entire thread.


I have alot I have not posted, the majority in fact.
I have also changed almost everything that has been posted here.

Yeah, work in progress is work in progress and it changes, that’s why you don’t post it publicly before you’re ready. A DM is perfect for this kind of stuff.

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@Topgottem This thread has been awesome, unlike the other opinions…I enjoy seeing what’s been posted! Hype or not, I look forward to using these procedures to clean up my MD-11 flying for the sim. Keep up the great work.

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Not entirely.
I have 4 of them for making the guide, however
the UI on a public post is completely different then in a DM. So sometimes posting sneak peeks here can benefit the over all development to know how compilable it will be with the UI, Instead of finding out i need to edit for another 10-20 hours. As mentioned earlier on in the development log for mobile support.
It’s a process and it you have a problem with it, take it up with a DM by me.

Week 7 progress report.

Fair amount of work done for week 7.
Opening statement, trim profiles, AOA/energy management, more climb profiles, QRG doc.x, Discorse Index code, Stepclimbs, and Range performance all done. Aiming for FEB 29th for release, slightly behind schedule 90% complete.
Massive shoutout to @DeerCrusher for providing the Format for the QRG and help with apple pages, And to @Mort for feedback and motivation.


Oh, that’s new information. I must’ve not noticed how my 6-7 extremely long guides I’ve posted looked completely different in topics as they did DMs. Just a bad eye I guess.


How applicable (broadly speaking) will this guide be to the DC-10?

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Other then range and handling characteristics, there is not a whole lot different about the MD-11 and DC-10. You can operate both types with the same procedures in IF and be just fine.

I plan on making a addition to this guide once I have enough flight testing in the DC-10 to make it accurate.

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Mini Update

Development will most likely go into march, but I can guarantee release by the 20th.
I’m Trying my best to get the Guide released on the same day as 24.2 along with the A380, But I Still have a lot of work todo.
As for The Youtube tutorials, they will most likely be scraped and done at a later time. However the Quick Reference Guide is confirmed and underway.

Decided to get some breakfast at the FBO at my local airport and knock out some progress on MD-11 Guide while I’m at it.
Here are some photos for those curious:


The MD-11 QRG is finally done after many alterations. All that’s left is to import everything and add all the misc information to the guide format.
Also I have updated the Progress bar and log in the topic header, if you wish to see the all progress and updates so far.


If anyone is up for a photoshoot for the upcoming guide, let me know!
Still need a header photo. Time will most likely be today at 2024-03-02T02:00:00Z, or tomorrow same time.

Week 8 progress report:

Got the QRG done and some misc stuff done, started to work on the format for release.
95% done aiming for March 12th for release.

MD-11 Operating Example

Here is an example of how to apply this guide from everyday to day use in the MD-11.
In this scenario we be departing from Sydney Australia to San Francisco USA, a flight of about 13hours.

Flight Info:

Departure Airport: YSSY
Departure Gate: 59
Departure Weather: METAR YSSY 010600Z 09012KT 10SM FEW012 BKN120 16/12 A2996 RMK
Arrival Airport: YSSY
Arrival Gate: 59
Arrival Weather: METAR KSFO 011900Z 29003KT 8SM BKN090 21/10 A3021 RMK
Aircraft Load: 88%
Fuel Load: 14:10 @ 89%


First we will look at the weather and determine are runway for departure and arrival. If you look at the METAR we can see that runway 07 at YSSY and runways 28L at KSFO are favorable so we will plan for those.
Departure Runway: 07
Arrival Runway: 28L

Now we make are flight plan. We determine that we don’t need Step Climbs for this flight, that we are heavy at 88% for a 13hour flight. So we will use the standard climb and cruise operations.
**Step Climbs nio

making a senario for using the MD-11 guide. what do you think the corect oprations are?
Subject to change

You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to make this transparent. God help my soul, 2 hours just gone.

Stay tuned for march 12 👀

Me who can do it in 2 minutes

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