Community poll & Upcoming MD-11 Guide FAQ

A lot of this information is from a Variety of sources And some from my own flight testing specifically for IF.
Once I get the guide made there will be a list of sources.
And yes you can DM me in a bit, thanks for asking.

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Week 6 progress report.

Decent progress, finished cruise stats, stepclimb, mach numbers. Started looking at some formatting for the guide. 80% completed one week ahead schedule. Aiming for the 29th for release.

Aircraft Range

*For max range performance extensive step climbs are required
*No step climbs required for practical range
*Recorded for normal operations

Aircraft East Range West Range Practical Range Fuel Range Max East Range Max West Range Max Practical Range Max Fuel Range
MD-11 8,200nm 7,400nm 7,800nm 16h:30m 18h:20m
MD-11F **** **** 4,800nm ****

Sneak peek!
After about 3 days of flight testing I got some range Performances done.
*some details are hidden and will be shown in the guide when done
(Subject to change)

Performance Test flight

Tonight I will be flying EGLL to YSSY in the MD-11. This flight will be used to gather performance, fuel and range data for the guide. Feel free to join me!

Please note this NOT a normal flight and pushes the limits of this aircraft. Special operations will be in use, so please DM for indepth flight details if you wish to join.

Flight: EGLL → YSSY
Spawn: 2024-02-17T01:45:00Z
Departure: 2024-02-17T02:10:00Z
Arrival: 2024-02-17T20:00:00Z
Flight time: 17hours @ 9200nm
Alternative airports: YPPH, WSSS, RPLL

I can tell you you can get a lot more than 18:20 out of an MD11 lol

Thats why i’m doing the test flight. Also that is based off of normal operations.

I got a little bit over 20 hours out of it

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Define normal

I mean like with passengers and under regular climb procedures. Not a VIP configuration with no Payload and just Fuel.

Understandable, I feel like it should still be a bit higher than that but I’ve never tested it so I shall reserve judgement (I did calculate max pax range to be 21.5 ish tho)

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Research Flight Status

Feel free to follow this Research flight from Heathrow to Sydney in the MD-11. Notes and updates provided below.

Flight status:

Status: Landed

Departed Time: 2024-02-17T02:18:00Z
Scheduled Arrival: 2024-02-17T21:00:00Z
landed: 2024-02-17T21:10:00Z
Time Remaining: NA
Fuel Remaining: 4:40
Speed: NA
Altitude: NA
Load: 16%


Smooth takeoff with great performance. Climb went well with Throttle at about 60%-70% using climb profile TYPE2,CLASS 82C-74UL-60.
Phenomenal flight so far! way more fuel extra then expected.
Landed with a lot more fuel then expected. Ok flight over all.

Last Updated: 2024-02-17T13:43:00Z

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I’d suggest 370 at that weight, difference by 60% grows to almost 2k lbs an hour.

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ye I will step climb in a bit i’m waiting for load 60%

Just got a fuel positive for the research flight.
I step climbed to FL390 and when I wake up I will step to FL410.
Flight Details are 3 posts up.

About to land after 18hours of flight time. Got some good info and research data for steep climbs.,

Just landed after 18:55 with 5:10 left of fuel.
Fixed some fuel and range data, may do another test flight tonight.

I have Officially started work on the Guide Format. The YT videos will be postponed for some time.

Welcome the Official MD-11 Guide

The MD-11 is an American built widebody aircraft from the 1990s. With a trijet configuration, it promised to be more efficient than the quad jets of the day; while still getting around the ETOPS rule that twin engine aircraft were limited to.

Work in progress opening statement for the guide, Feedback welcomed!
(Subject to Change)

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how do I change my vote from phone to Ipad

I closed the poll because I got the data I need from it.