Community Poll Results: F/A-18 Variant

  • Only won because it has Super in the name, and would have lost if this vote was exclusively made for military fans.
  • Has an ultra small diversity of countries, more specifically 2 (USA, obviously, and Kuwait), which means you can fly it realistically to less than half the places you could fly the C variant to.

Why was a vote put out in the first place? Certainly most of those who actually fly military regularly would have preferred the other option, but couldn’t get it because they’re a minority


Pretty sure they are aware of that.

To their defence, the rework request wasn’t specific about the variant so it makes sense to ask the community about the final choice.

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How often do you fly military? And if you don’t then this comment was rude,

Example here of it already stated,

This is for you as well

And last but not least sorry that your variant lost, but if we were to step back and look, if you don’t fly military that often then this comment was unnecessary no offense.


Hey let us take our minds away for a sec to imagine all the cool things we get to do with this baby/beast.

I’d just like to share this vid I found in Youtube with you guys to celebrate the up and coming F/A-18 and also to raise a few technical questions. Grab your snacks and pop corn and please enjoy the following!

**F18 training flight landing in a civilian airport**

F18 training flight landing in a civilian airport - YouTube

Done watching?

Seriously guys this is so cool, lots of points there (i.e. While one engaged ATC the rest were just chatting with each other like school kids, and narrator’s voice: “In Cold Lake an F-18 coming in to land is top priority, but here you are just another plane in a long queue…” that sure sounds familiar because we know this experience first hand in the sim lol!)

And so:

  • I was wondering if we could re-enact this formation group flight later to celebrate its release . But when we do…

  • …in the video, only one of them (CMIIW) gets to engage with ATC and the rest follow what the leader says, would Infinite Flight acknowledge such comms hierarchy like in the video?

  • Also how would flight leader communicate with the rest, in-app? Perhaps, modding or utilizing Fingers frequency 12345 with set commands? Any plans for this, since IF is celebrating military aviation and it would call for some important comms and traditions not present in GA or airliners.

(You may find the feature request here for "Fingers frequency").

"Fingers" : Frequency 123.45 Pilot Unicom - #113 by Capt_D_Brown

Any thoughts? Let’s keep it fun guys, this feature rework is long time coming since the A-10 and perhaps at ground breaking times because we’ve arrived at 2022!


This is not a fair statement as there is no hard data to suggest this. Gatekeeping military aircraft (or any aircraft category) like this is not fair to people who truly wanted the Super Hornet for whatever reason.

Note that I am saying this as somebody who wanted the C variant for some of the reasons you have listed.

We said we’d put out a poll in our Development Roadmap blog post:

I guarantee you that we would have had people questioning why there wasn’t a vote if we had decided on the variant ourselves. This was the most fair outcome based on our development roadmap to gauge what the majority wanted.

Unfortunately, it didn’t line up with what you or I hoped for, but there was a significant majority for the Super Hornet regardless of why people voted for it. It’s only fair to respect this :)


We’ve decided to close this announcement (for now at least). As Cameron noted above, this plan has been in place since September and we received no messages or topic replies indicating a concern for the method. It was only after the vote that the complaints started rolling in.

Infinite Flight will continue to be transparent (to the extent that we can) about our development process, especially as it relates to aircraft development.

Please feel free to continue discussions about the F/A-18 rework via DM with each other and remember to always keep it respectful. There is enough to love about aircraft to have meaningful and respectful discussions and disagreements without adding shame and blame!

Thank you to all who voted!


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Until next time!

It’s next time!

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