Community Poll Results: F/A-18 Variant

The real winner of the poll was the Kuwaitis, they operate both the C and E model so no matter who won they would be getting a livery!


I can’t wait!


You folks think the wings will be foldable in game?

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If the tray tables in the A220 can fold… probably. Don’t know if something like the wing flex mechanics may make this hard to implement.

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If y’all devs don’t make it look that sharp I promise you’re getting your bogos binted 👽


Yes my dad flew as a ECMO in a prowler and then a growler

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In addition, yall think they’re adding the block 2 or 3 cockpit. I prefer block 2.

The beautiful thing about democratic elections is that the results are in the hands of all of us, not one lone individual and that is a beautiful thing.

The community has spoken, and we all have to accept it. As someone who probably won’t fly the F18 bar a few rare instances - I was looking forward to the C variant for its diversity in liveries and applications, one of the most contentious and constantly discussed issues in the sim. Unfortunately some people didn’t see the opportunity to improve on that through this vote and aircraft but I cannot hold a grudge against them for that. Someone made a features request for a generic grey livery for the F18E so that it could be flown as a defacto C variant and I very much welcome and hope that suggestion makes it in to sim.

Hopefully with future variants and all aircraft to come in the development pipeline we can continue to build on the country and livery diversity that we all clamor for!


Because not everyone flies long hauls. The military aviation community is larger than you think, and they’ve waited a long time for a new aircraft.


I would really like to see a radar added with this plane, it does not have to be top of the line realistic but just the ability to see other planes on the radar screen (it would have no other use aside from seeing other planes as I know weapons are not being added)

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Look on the bright side, we have gotten the A10 over these past years.
Commercial has gotten A350, entire 777 family rework, A330, A220, A339, 757 rework, as well as additions to the 787 and 747 family and E-Jets on the way


One thing I am excited about that I haven’t seen anyone mention is the development of military objects. It was stated that, “our graphics team is also working on a set of military objects to help bring our military bases from around the world to life.”
Is this simply new 3D objects, or something that we should truly be excited for?


Well regardless it’s an exciting development! I assume it’s 3D airport objects, but I’m really hoping the team is at least looking at an aircraft carrier!


Yay! Time for more escorting 😂


I prob can tell it’s gonna go crazy

Whoohoo! I’m so exited for this! 🥳🖤🚀

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As a man who appreciates military the f-18c would have been a great addition however we do not have a carrier in game/simulator. Therefore we obviously made the right choice with the super hornet


No way. Lol

yeah me too i think it will be nice for rp with it love it


You right yeah for rp and flight team for the military

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