Community Poll Results: F/A-18 Variant

I know the E jets have been confirmed to be getting a rework down the road. But when was it said it was gonna be the 175 and the 190?

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The comments are pain

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We mention this on our timeline here:


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My thoughts: part two

Having slept on this for a few hours, I still feel that the decision to host a poll was, no offence, poor judgement on the devs part.

The F/A-18 is very likely going to be a niche aircraft, requiring a more focused approach to research. I certainly dont expect 2898 people to be flying the hornet regularly after its release.

I strongly suspect that the majority of all votes for both variants were cast mostly for the sake of it, with little thought involved. This creates a misleading bias in favour of the option with the most impressive words, numbers and photos.

Any meaningful data obtained in the poll has been obscured behind this curtain of background noise.

Looking at a sub-community with a focus on military aviation (GAF), one sees a strong preference for the C version, and an overall feeling of frustration and disappointment at the result.

If 62% of the community really do passionately want the F/A-18E, then they’re being awfully quiet for some reason.


Thoughts still coming thick and fast, which necessitates a part 3, since I cant edit posts.

Much of the negative feelings surrounding the F/A-18E stems from its extreme lack of worldwide representation. Several of us (myself included) voted C because we wanted to see more non-US fighter liveries in IF. The E has only one non-US livery (Kuwait).

The devs could appease both sides by adding the F/A-18F instead. This is the twin seat variant of the Super Hornet. Adding this instead of the E would keep genuine Super Hornet fans happy, and would give those of us living outside the US potentially two more liveries to play with, Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and possibly German Air Force.

I suggested this here:

And it was shut down almost immediately.

The devs justification for this is that the twin seat Hornets are used “almost exclusively as a training platform”.

This is false. The F/A-18F is also used in operational roles, with the rear seat occupied by a Weapon Systems Officer (WSO) or similar. They can help reduce the workload for the pilot during missions.

The RAAF Hornet fleet consists entirely of the F variant. This will likely be the case too for the German Air Force if/when they acquire Super Hornets.

The evidence that the ̶D̶a̶r̶k̶ ̶L̶o̶r̶d̶ ̶h̶a̶s̶ ̶r̶e̶t̶u̶r̶n̶e̶d̶ F/A-18F is better than the E is incontrovertible.


Luckily they did add the A220 allthought it lost the poll, so hopefully they will do the same here aswell… would be more than fair 😇


I believe they’re being quiet because they’re a silent majority who used the poll as it’s designed.

We outlined the plan for a variant poll in this exact manner well before launching the recent poll. We’ll host similar polls in the future as well if we plan to add a single variant of any given aircraft. Groups within this community shouldn’t have their vote count more or less based on their personal interests or organization’s mission. Should GAF votes be voided next time we vote for an airline variant? Of course not.

Lastly, the F isn’t happening. We introduced the C and E based on the number of units in service and the more comparable specifications for a head to head vote. This isn’t a place to petition or attempt to reverse the results of the above poll.


So would the C model fit that criteria? The C model is highly requested and many users want it.

As you said the A220 had to wait a while but eventually it did get added. Like the A220 do you think theres a possibility that the C is added a while after the E?

Just curious.


Jason, please do a poll but people will only get to rant when the aircraft is already added/reworked because the results are shown when the aircraft is reworked/added . (Just a clue) probably not worth it though because some greedy member will start a topic to take their anger out on. To be fair, I wanted the C, but… we got the E! I’m still super excited about it, and will fly it from air base to air base.

Best regards,



Well this has definitely been an… interesting topic to read through lmao

Not my vote, but you win some and you lose some i guess


Or perhaps they either dont exist, or they’re much smaller than you think they are. Most will probably fly it once or twice, then forget about it much like with the A-10.

This isnt really a valid comparison though, is it? Airliners are IFs bread and butter, they’re not catering to a small niche group. If all reworks/new aircraft were decided by polls then we would see nothing but an endless stream of airliners with no variation in sight.

The number of units in service. Not the number of operators, the number of liveries or the number of those who will truly enjoy flying it.

The F is almost identical to the E in almost all aspects, except its had an extra seat dumped on top and it has more operators.

The aircraft in the background could just as easily be an F version:


Those 1,805 people that voted E certainly exist.

You won’t see exclusively airliners because we’ve stated we’ll pick the type of aircraft, whether airliner, GA, or military, and the community will choose which from that category enters development.

Learn more about that decision-making process here:

Feel free to DM if you’d like to discuss further. Cheers!


I certainly think this is a good occasion for a run, don’t you?

Not going to make another topic for it though

8 miles
9 minutes/mile

Can’t wait to see this aircraft in IF!


And @Robertine strikes again.


Watch me do this:

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Perhaps this can excite some people about the E variant: its ability as an AAR tanker, something the C doesn’t do.

Check out @Jessepeny ‘s topic below, and consider casting a vote :) Would be the easiest way to ensure F/A-18s can receive a top-off of fuel on those sorties!

F/A-18E Super Hornet Tanker



Woooooooowwwww… rather rude for saying I and others don’t exist. Official warning worthy imo. Don’t be rude! Skating on thin ice. 🙂


I’m suggesting that some didn’t necessarily make a well informed decision.

See this post:


I’m not going to lie, your feature request should be reopened. In my opinion the definition of petition means requesting something which indeed belongs in the Features category. Just like the E jets I feel like the community can bargain for both the F/A-18E and F/A-18F variants just like the E175 and E190. Would be cool to incorporate the growler.

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