Community Poll Results: F/A-18 Variant

It is time to begin reworking one of Infinite Flight’s legacy aircraft, the F/A-18! We launched a community poll to determine the variant to enter development and the community has spoken.


Poll Results

Aircraft % of Votes # of Votes
F/A-18E Super Hornet 62% 1,805
F/A-18C Hornet 38% 1,093


F/A-18E Super Hornet Information

The F/A-18E Super Hornet is a single-seat fighter that improves on it’s smaller (25%) F18C predecessor. With a higher payload, longer range, and upgraded avionics, this multi-role fighter is truly an engineering marvel.

The F/A-18E is operated by the US Navy Operational and Demonstration Squadrons (Blue Angels 2020-Present) and Kuwait Air Force.

Super Hornet Technical Specs

Manufacturer Boeing
Crew 1
Max Speed M1.6
Range 1,275NM
Service Ceiling 50,000ft
Fuel Capacity 14,700lb internally
Dimensions Span 44’8"/Length 60’1"/Height 16’
Weight Empty: 32,081lbs/MTOW: 66,000lbs
Payload 17,750lb (11 hardpoints)
Powerplant 2 x F414-GE-400 turbofans

Source: F/A-18E


Why the F/A-18?

Our military fleet is in need of some love. While not the most widely used set of aircraft in Infinite Flight, fighters and military cargo planes have a strong group of passionate virtual aviators flying them. The F/A-18 is a popular fighter jet included with the app download and is the most-selected military aircraft a new user will fly which makes it the perfect aircraft to enter development, following a string of recent airliners. It is one of the most widely used fighters by militaries around the world, making it a popular choice for military VO’s. Lastly, the abundance of data available for the F/A-18 makes it a great choice for a military rework.

2021/22 Development Road Map

Why the C or E variant?

We’ve decided to host a poll between two of the most popular single-seat variants of the F18 because of their operational roles vs its two-seater counterparts which serves almost exclusively as a training platform (F/A-18B). Both the F/A-18C & E have their own unique characteristics and operators which made them perfect for a head to head community poll.

When is the update?

Due to the dynamic nature of feature development we never set specific release dates. Development timelines are always subject to change.

The best way to follow the F/A-18E Super Hornet’s progress is on our Development Timeline, Infinite Flight Blog, #announcements category here on the forum, or follow us @infiniteflight on Social Media!

What features and liveries will be included?

All aircraft-specific features, liveries, and functions will be determined at a later date.


Topic comments must remain respectful and relevant to the F/A-18 poll results and/or development. Off-topic and inappropriate comments will be flagged and hidden.

All aircraft-specific features are TBD and development timelines are subject to change.


Yay! @Drummer the Super Hornet won! Can’t wait to see it get added.



Looking forward to this rework! I was hoping for the C, but either way we’re getting some fun, new variety added to the fleet. Can’t wait to see what the devs deliver! 🐝


I’ve lost faith in this community


Please give us afterburners

Please please please


The only reason it got chosen was because of the blue angles livery. There was so much more potential with the legacy hornet, and everyone just lost a great opportunity


Amazing! Lots of cool potential F18E tails out there that would be neat to see. 😍


It’s not the result I personally hoped for but nevertheless, it is going to be fun. It was a community choice, it’s about as democratic as it gets! The A-10 was a great example of how cool military planes can be in Infinite Flight. We’ve never had a fighter rework like the F/A 18 before. This is a really nice addition, especially for the military community. It will be a fun plane to fly! 🙌


Mine was a long time ago lol


I thought it was going to be close… but did I think the Americans would win by a whole 24%? No.


Not me not knowing anything about the jets and not caring which one won


While I was looking forward to seeing the F/A-18C come instead of the Super Hornet on the basis of a more diverse livery set, I am interested to see how the Super Hornet will take on other challenges such as aerial refuelling as well as a more up-to-date avionics in the cockpit.

I’m also sure we will see more operators for the Super Hornet come, so I wouldn’t count out on having more liveries added in the future.


Just another jet for you to crash, Rocco.


Lots of people lurk in the waters very quietly. The poll has proven this yet again. 🙃


I’m very excited about the fact that we are finally getting a new military aircraft! While I wanted the C to come due to the fact that it has more livery’s, I’m still really excited about the prospect of a new military aircraft coming to Infinite Flight!


Wasn’t expecting the result to be honest but still am looking forward to it now its been chosen by the wonderful IFC🥳

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I hope this doesn’t become an America vs. the world topic. I haven’t healed from the other one yet ❤️‍🩹


New Years resolution for 2022:

Expect the unexpected


It seems there was quite a sizeable silent majority, happy the variant I voted for is coming to IF!

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Ngl the box design of the engines for the e is fire