Community Poll : FNF for the week of March 13 (not official)

Heyo everyone! With the recent collapse of FlyBe, I wanted to make a community poll to see everyone’s opinion on an FNF dedicated to the fallen airline FlyBe next week. Hopefully we get enough votes and mods can make this a reality!

  • Yes, we should have a FlyBe FNF
  • No, do a normal FNF

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I like the concept, but I feel like due to the lack of FlyBe aircraft in Infinite Flight, I’m not sure if the mods will take this into too much consideration.

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Maybe next week 🤷🏼‍♂️


Just telling it now, I’d highly suggest changing the title, becuase I’m sure we all clicked on this thinking it was official.

Also this:

So don’t get your fullest hopes up, but be aware it is ‘noted’ in that retrospect.

Also I didn’t see the post above. Sorry for the duplicateness 🤦‍♂️


I know, I didn’t see that post, I was typing when it was posted.


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