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I see few people named things like “Infinite Flight Dominican Republic” and I was wondering if I could advertise myself as ‘Infinite Flight New Zealand’… Do you have to have certain requirements for things such as these? Or is it just whoever want’s the name’s decision?

You would have to change your IFC name since you can’t write out of name in IF anymore

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You could call yourself that, but if you want to be an official airline, recruit pilots etc, you would have to make a VA and get approved by

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still curious why people call themselves like that… I just dont get it lol


same here lol

I would be confident in starting my own VA

That’s great! Keep in my mind starting a VA requires a lot of dedication, hard work and patience. First, read through really carefully for information to start a VA. Good luck and feel free to PM me for any questions!

why was that flagged…

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And Air New Zealand is banned as being a VA.


Because the prefix on the web address were… not appropriate ;)


Oh right, looks like I made a typo. Thanks for fixing it :)

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that’s ok, i’ll find another one that isn’t banned

It’s banned because of copyright of the name, so you can still make Infinite Flight New Zealand, as it would have no relations with Air New Zealand.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

so I would be able to refer to myself as Infinite flight New Zealand and use the Air New Zealand livery, just as long as i’m not Infinite flight AIR New Zealand… is that right?

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As far as I am aware, you are right.

LATAM is banned, but there is a VA called Unlimited VA that uses LATAM aircaft and routes.

Oh I see, thank you so much

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Yeah you can name yourself as Infinite Flight New Zealand as i saw already difrerent persons in IG have the same format of name as Liam wants.

Eh probably kind of representing the country/capital/province/city they are living?

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