Community members travel and covid-19

I also haven’t flown since 2019. The good news for me is that I will be flying again soon in a couple of weeks from London to Lahore via Bahrain with Gulf air! Can’t wait to fly again, hope every gets to fly again soon!

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Traveling like normal. Right now I’m at 17 flights this year. Got 3 more in a week to head out to Seattle for a day to see the rangers play. On track for probably 25 this year.

I’m not really worried about the pandemic. I’m young and healthy and planes are pretty safe… not going to miss out on life to sit inside for 2 straight years. Not living in fear.


I’ve traveled a lot over the past few years, mainly between Portland and Bozeman but I did fly to Burbank for a few hours.

My next flight is going to be over Christmas. I’m going to Helena Montana to spend the Holidays with some family.

Pretty much the same, being a third culture kid I always travel at least 4 times a year.

Welp, flying has been the same this year as previous years as I only travel 2+ times a year, Im going to be going to Atlanta for my birthday, and nothing different this year apart from also going to Atlanta during school vacations.

In all the travelling I’ve done over the pandemic, the only difference I’ve truly noticed is the masks. International service was only partially dropped at CYYC and domestic kept decent capacity (at least through 2021).

My first and only trip in 2020 had the airport dead empty, but when I came into the airport when a few of the restrictions had been dropped in my province (early 2021), I was utterly shocked because the airport was full.

Queue for WJA was 45 minutes. Security took nearly another 40 (during rush hour, all checkpoints open). The terminal proved no different. Restaurants open, people eating and shopping, and just a ridiculous amount of planes, even for pre pandemic. Every gate in my concourse had an ACA, WJA, or Flair parked in it. Saw some more WJA’s, Flairs, and Canadian North’s at the other concourses. WJA 787’s and ACA 777’s/A330’s, KLM 787, the whole shebang.

People never really gave up on travel, they just took a break. That right there was proof of it. It’s actually so busy right now that both WestJet and Air Canada are hiring volunteers to assist in airport ops while they renegotiate re-hiring employees back to pre pandemic capacity.

I’ve personally taken over 12 flights during this year, both domestic (US) and international. Domestic flights were a breeze as there were no COVID requirements. However, international flights to Germany, Dubai, and Lebanon were a lot more complicated and tiring to take due to the countless COVID requirements for each of them. I always felt safe when inside the plane. I always made sure I had my mask on except when eating, and I satiated my seat and the surrounding areas (window, armrest, TV…) to feel safer. As long as you take the right precautions, there isn’t anything to worry about!

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Personally, travel has increased for me during the pandemic. I was able to stay safe and protect those around me by
Wearing a mask
Washing hands at least once an hour
Taking PCR tests often
Getting vaccinated asap.
If you stay safe, covid is a pretty sweet deal foe travelling. With delta, there is the buy one get one seat free deal for covid safety, but also flights are cheaper, lines are shorter, planes are empty, and the experience is individualized much more.

Now don’t go spreading the disease is what I am saying, but if you stay safe, covid is a nice time to fly!


I haven’t flown commercially since 2016. I was going to last year, but things went downhill with the pandemic. If everything goes well, I’ll be travelling March 2022 up to Seattle and then over to Kona, then back. Wonder if i’ll be on Alaska’s 737 MAX and not the -800ERs I’ve always been on with them. I had a record number of camping trips however

Just flew on Delta a couple days ago (I hadn’t flow commercially since 2019). Everyone in the airport and on the plane was respectful of the mask rules. We got a wipe to clean the seat/tray table and everyone kept their mask on (expect when eating of course). Everyone followed the rules put in place for Covid-19, so it was a pleasant experience.

(Flying on Southwest in a few days, I’ll update this post next week)

I just wanted to add:

Covid is real (obviously). Be safe. BE SAFE. Protect yourself and others. Please wear a mask, wash hands, social distance and get vaccinated. It’s not political. It’s biological. There is a virus that can ✨ kill you ✨ and if you are lucky, it will ✨ leave you in agony for a few weeks ✨.

Want a fun fact?

If you read at the average human speed, which is around 250 words per minute…


3 people died of covid while you were reading this.

So you can fly. You should fly. Flying is fun. But. Be. Safe.


At the beginning of the pandemic I didn’t fly too much but this year i’ve flown more than in 2019 and 2018

I have traveled 5 times via plane since the pandemic started and I think it’s perfectly fine.

I traveled more this year than last year. In 2020, I was supposed to fly to Hawaii, but had to cancel due to the lockdown. This year, I got to fly again(four flights in total) although it was not to Hawaii, I flew to Alaska for two weeks and back. My second and fourth flight we’re at full capacity too, but I never got sick, so that’s pretty cool.

Of course, every place is different, but if I get another chance to travel, I’m definitely going,

I’ve traveled the same, if not more since the pandemic started. I never felt in danger or anything, and it was great because the airports weren’t as crowded (at least in 2020). Unfortunately masks are still required in airports here in the US, but oh well. My international flights have decreased (obviously) but domestic travel has increased for me.

I traveled twice in summer of this year. It felt a little strange since I hadn’t flown for over a year up to that point. Anyways, it kind of felt the same except we wore masks. Not too bad, but do sanitize things on the plane. Such as the seat belt, table, and such. Other than that, it felt relatively normal. However I flew later in the pandemic. Earlier on… that’s a whole different experience, from what I’ve seen.

I’ve traveled a little bit this year. Been a busy 2 months


Ive flown quite a bit during the pandemic and have been completely fine and what not. I don’t really get why people are so afraid of getting covid on a plane. in my experience, every single person has had a mask on and the whole experience has been fine. As a person who has had Covid twice before getting vaccinated, I felt fine traveling. Now with vaccinations, I have no concerns really.


My travel decreased to only going to/from school. So basically I didn’t have any vacations the last 2 years.

But few weeks ago I was able to go to Europe.

Surprise… not really.