Community members travel and covid-19

Hello IFC, I’m interested in community thoughts and discussion about traveling durning the pandemic. Since it’s been a year, are you all traveling more, less or the same since the pandemic started? I’m curious on what people think and everyone’s replies will be. I know for me, I have personally traveled more this year than I did last year!

All opinions and thoughts are welcome.


I have never gotten back to 2019 levels of travel. This year I’ve flown about the same amount of travel as I did in 2020.

I traveled more during the pandemic 😂


Well, I hope the situation will change in a near future, that can be really hard for some (some friends, people talking about it in TV news and me too).

I’m lost in fact, since some countries don’t have the same requirements as the others, same for airlines that’s annoying. In addition to this, it depends a lot because cases aren’t the same everywhere obviously so it may be risky to travel to some places imo.
But these problems occured more months ago, now it’s a little more organized, I guess.

So I didn’t travel out of the country since it ✈️ , I only travelled inside Switzerland using train for instance,

People who didn’t/don’t/won’t travel don’t necessarily live in fear. They have their own reasons.

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Hey there, very interesting post you’ve made mate. Personally I haven’t been able to travel much due to border closure which means I can’t travel to other countries and currently, I still can’t sadly. The government did this year an experiment on opening the border up to Australia for 3 months but ended up failing due to you know what.

However last year I did bit of traveling around my country, but this year haven’t done any travel at all! I wish my country would open up to some other countries to reconnect. It’s been nice to visit back some familiar places you been to before or even travel to some new place you haven’t explored yet domestically. Traveling domestically really benefits you as a tourist but not only tourism operators since it’s real need of help due to current climax of world right now and you you have an experience of your life!

Unfortunately right now I can’t even travel anywhere outside of my city because it is full lockdown mode due covid cases, I hope I can travel before the year ends! Happy travels to those who are able to travel and stay safe!


I traveled to Oshkosh with zero concerns about the plandemic.

I went, attended my CAP activity and the Oshkosh airshow for two weeks (not a quarantine, the activity was two weeks), then flew back and had zero symptoms, nothing. I was good, the CAP people I was with are still good, and we’re all good.

I would definitely continue to travel and live life normally. In fact, I went to a Dallas Stars game a couple days ago with 18,532 people there (no mask policy) and I’m going to the one on Wednesday as well 👍 if anyone’s wondering, it was my first ever NHL game, the Stars won in overtime, and it was lit 🔥

I mean this sincerely, please don’t live in fear.


I’ve traveled more than I did last year and the year before. That’s why I made the post. I live my life and live it to the fullest


That’s what I’m saying; please don’t live in fear. Don’t be afraid to go do some things!

Take precautions if you wish. That’s your right and I respect that. Just please don’t force it (especially vaccines) on everyone 👍

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I used to fly 15-16 times a year before the pandemic.

Couldn’t fly at all in 2020. Not particularly due to the fear but also everywhere closed borders, and was difficult to travel etc.

Visited my home country this year after a while.

Never have and never will live my life in fear. I’m going flying and traveling the world

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I haven’t flown commercially since 2017 so I think it’s about the same whether the ‘rona is around or not.


Atta boy.

I’m not saying purposely lick tables and stuff but don’t be afraid to go do stuff (this is addressed to people in general)

Since the pandemic started I have only flown for one trip. Personally traveling while in a pandemic isn’t bad at all.

Airlines are taking all measurements to sanitize everything and while it takes a lot, it is actually working and it is something that I think should be done all the time by airlines even if there is no pandemic.

I didn’t travel at all in 2020 but once we (As in my family and I) saw vaccines coming out and infection rates going down, my family and I got the chance to fly in 2021. ]

I am hoping that when 2022 rolls around travel will be in full swing and infection rates are below 30%, airlines will see massive profit and the world will (and I hope) be back to mostly normal.

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I’ve had the chance over the pandemic to fly on the Delta 777 retirement flight and a trip to San Diego, but it doesn’t feel very normal. I’m flying to Switzerland next month, and I’m hoping United will have brought back some sense of normality to international flying.

Exactly lol I think it’s funny how we only recently started caring about cleanliness like at all 😂

2019 and before, I had done atleast 50 flights a year traveling to different countries and cities. As soon as COVID hit, LAS lost all of our international service (obviously) and I basically could not leave my city because we had no other interest flying to a new city in the U.S.

In the past 6 months, I’ve started traveling again to in-country cities. I’ve only taken 4 commercial flights to Portland and Burbank in the past year and a half but I have a few more trips on airplanes coming up in the next 3 months! My family also attempted to visit Tokyo for the 4th time this November but we had to cancel it due to them still being on lockdown. We’ll try again in Summer of 2022.

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Say what? 😀


Yep, we were very frequent travelers haha


4 flights 2020 3 flights so far in 2021 with 3 more scheduled


I’ve flown more over the pandemic than I ever have before

I don’t think we should’ve ever let covid run our lives. We should’ve just done what we wanted to do and tried to live the most normal life possible