Community Members That Fell Alsleep

Hello! I just spotted a fellow flier who missed their TOD (Top of decent) and is still at cruising altitude while circling the airport. I know how much this sucks as I have done this during a OVERNIGHT FLIGHT. Here I want people do spot out people who are doing this and tag them in the replies and wake them up! for example:

@Jayzers_Aviation, I realized you missed TOD and want to make sure you will land safely. Safe travels!

I hope this can maybe blow up and we can save people’s flights. If you see this, spread the news! Anyways, safe travels guys!


@Jayzers_Aviation i think you might have accidentally pinged yourself. 🤔
Did you mean to ping someone else?

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Negative, I was just tagging myself for an example on how you should write the alert

If they are asleep then how would they be notified?


I guess a sound could play. But, most likely they will just be away from their flight and not asleep. But, if they are asleep… I don’t think we would be able to save them.

If they know they are going to be away wouldn’t they just time their flight, or already know their flight is going to do circles if they didn’t time it correctly?

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Your right, but if they didn’t time it correctly, they could run out of fuel and crash. Or they could have something that would’ve come up and in the process, they forget to land, then run out of fuel.

Oh gosh 😭 not you outing people like that

I was doing a flight from LTFM to VGHS overnight. I set an alarm about 30 minutes left of the ETE to prepare for descent and landing, but I overslept and I saw my plane doing circles around the destination. Kinda scared because I was quite inexperienced at the time and it was the first I’ve had this happen.

Thank goodness for the extra fuel I loaded by accident at Istanbul.


I did this twice recently, EDDM - KBOS (LH a359) and EGLL - TNCM (BA 752(concorde))

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