Community Members Spotted on Real Life flight

Same as Spotted on Live
But with Real Life Flights :)

Dont advert that you will fly on a flight.
I am sure there already a topic existing for that


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This would be cool! Trying to working something out here…
@grxninesix that’s not me… check the PM

So… How would you tell if someone’s on a flight or not?

They could post here before.

Not gonna post publicly what flight I’m actually on… If you really wanna know I’ll tell you afterwards or you can PM Me

But how would that work?..

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Oh then I don’t know.

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You could announce your flying on a flight here:

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err. theres thing that can go wrong with this topic…

@Patrick_U spotted me when I was on approach to 13L at JFK in a Turkish A330.

This would be good with Global :-)

Umm, not many can access that Topic since it was posted in the L*unge.

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Come find me :)

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Your da fire hydrant 😮

or your behind the camera

or the one in the blue shirt on the left

Hello @Flying-Switzerland !


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