Community Members Spotted On Live: Part 5

Hey we are both heading to Seoul RKSI together! Copy my flight plan! We can go together if you’d like!

Celebrity in the house! Hi there @Laura

Now I get back to controlling before I get fired from Tyler 😬

That is terminal one at Los Angeles. Correct.

Was she moving at all? Not to speculate but if she tends to sit at the gate for long periods of time, it could mean something…

I doubt she’s testing anything while sitting for that long. I would assume she’s just making a flight plan to make it realistic

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Thank you we will enjoy the flight .

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Don’t worry you will be professional with all aircrafts.

Ohhh ya. Defo either did Krakow to Luton or back

Rumbo a Toronto


Nice picture 👏🏻👏👏👏👏

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Enjoy your flight to LAX @NuggetFornia and happy anniversary!


@Laura Welcome to Gatwick! Safe flight!
@Jack_Nolan Hello! Enjoy your TUI flight!

She did that the other day (Wednesday I think)

She was at the gate at KEGE for 9+ hours🤯🤯

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I just saw someone trying to land a Nordica CRJ-200 at Tallinn with wind 210@22G40KT, he crashed. RIP

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Nice to land and see that you did the same route as me! Parked right alongside you!

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Spotted at OMDW Airport :

On the ground :


On the sky :

@lusojaco at OMDB

Controller :


Hello everyone👋🏻 i hope you enjoy the flight .


Thank you. I see a little crosswind there. Wish me luck haha

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@FrancescoM See you just ahead! Safe trip!

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Just Landed at OMDB. It was a 9-hour flight from Shanghai! Good Luck and Have FUN!!!

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@Georgios_P @Kostas_K @Athenic_flyer20 See you in Athens! Have a safe flight up to Luxembourg! I’ll be down in Athens in 30 ;)