Community Members Spotted On Live: Part 5 is the website

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The winds changed so rapidly I think I might have done a -700 fpm landing πŸ’€

Things were not going well for this flight πŸ˜‚

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hello there @Kuujjuaraapikmiuk

fancy seeing you at MFR

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safe flight to EGLL @SantiFlyz!

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Nice to see you in Frankfurt @Swenyly I hope you’ve enjoyed your flight.
I saw you approaching into Frankfurt @phillyeagles2 but you disappeared suddenly. What happend?


Thanks, I did even though it was quite long.


@Dillon_Lewis Due in 25 mins! Hope you had a safe flight! :)


Hey there @BennyBoy_Alpha! Saw you twice today on your flight from Amsterdam to Cape Town. Saw you once as you were departing and I currently see you on my radar still in Cape Town just circling at 40,000 lol

@Butter575 Yeah…, I overslept, the plane ran out of fuel and crashed lmao…

Now flying Cape Town to Anchorage in a fully-loaded A330-900neo - should be fun!

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@Ric_Aviation Another RIC flyer?

Such a busy day in CPT

@CompetitiveDivide320 and @Eliseu_Souza

Tiny CRJ among her big friends @Androoo_san, @Chris_Blome, @Nee and @Ethan_Nguyen

@Xcession also holding short

Can anyone find me in this huuge line?! πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
I think @Sean.Brink09 and @Noahanacooa1 had to wait quite a lot for takeoff… πŸ˜†


@BFS_Flyer we flew right through each other lol have a good flight to LGW!

Hey there @Adan_Kadir! I saw that you were heading to Vienna with me :D

Yep I did!!

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@Txweather howdy from KDFW πŸ‘‹ I saw you before I took off a little while ago.

Hello @G_2Bs, have a safe landing on YYZ!!


@Gio.Spotter thanks for letting me past on the taxiway, I was not necessarily sure which one of us was meant to give way but I assumed it was you since I was already going straight. But please let me know if wrong. Enjoy your flight to Singapore!

@ClaudeAvation Heavies always go first. 😏

Btw, enjoy your flight to Paris.

Have a nice flight @EnthusiasticAviation
Sorry I almost hit you I was looking at the sunset πŸ˜‚

Hope you had a wonderful flight from London @Jet_Airways_995 πŸ™ŒπŸ½ …I would have landed with you had it not been for another activity I was occupied with unfortunately

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