Community Members Spotted On Live: Part 5

@mildredAV gotcha on the map!

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Much appreciated for the ATC service. When I took off from Milan, I was hoping you’ll be there when I entered London FIR. Thanks a lot. My landing was terrible though…:)

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Hey @Enigma 👋
Sorry for the longer approach, Turkish was a bit slow on responses 😅


No worries brother, it happens… thanks for the service in the busier airspace!! 😎


@Nicholas Would be kind to spawn out of me please

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Tower / Ground, TS, 21.2

ATC at LGAV Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos (20 mins)

@GER-ALLIANCE_Marco and @gojibe

ATC at RKSI Seoul Incheon International Airport (1h10)



also saw @CaptainGodsuit @Muhammad_Abdul_Ghan1 when I left


I just realized this is actually a 3D thingy… When somebody in NSV sent me a pic of RKSI earlier I thought he had somehow edited that in xD


@Maximilian1805 you can see it IRL on satellite view on google maps :)


Now you know i didn’t edit it 😂




It looked so surreal that I honestly thought you did even though that wouldn’t have made any sense xD

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Have a nice landing @Teddyy1108!


hey there @Jorge_Rodriguezdelre

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RKSI TOWER/Ground Training Server

@IFK-GreenBee Please contact Tower… I called you twice you are about to land in the wrong runway and there are some traffic here please go around or contact Tower.

Update : he’s sleeping at 10’000 feets, didn’t see the “away” lol

24 more arrivals (after 1h of ATC) but I will see only 10 of them guys, I’m staying one more hour controlling , people I spotted in the first and second hour will be @ later ^^

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Hey @Dan and @LeeAviationYT i see you both approaching heathrow after a flight from seoul. im coming into heathrow myself from athens.


@TOKYO2022 Runway (colors) change, expect to land in the other side. (RKSI)

Runway change is in progress already announced for ppl before

UPDATE : stay on your initial runway !! It just changed back

It’s not 16/15R/15L anymore , those are in the red colors since few mins . Even one of my IFC friend told me on discord the same.
I thought I had a bug as it wasn’t showing on my screen for a moment, even some aircrafts lastly changed their FPL as they were approaching before contacting the Tower too , so yes @Angus_flyer

33B and 34 runways are now red again, after being orange approximately 30mins before

Oh really ? They’re still orange on my screen and aircrafts kept it

yep! indeed so