Community Members Spotted On Live: Part 5

Since our two-time champions topic was closed (@Guxk), I thought I’d make Part 5 of this ever-growing series!

Purpose & Guidelines

  1. If you catch a fellow community member in the air, this is the place to tag them!

  2. Please do your best to avoid tagging staff members. If you’d like to mention them, leave a space between the @ and their name. Example: @ Laura

  3. Community Guidelines apply.

  4. Do your best to mention multiple members in one post. This helps to save replies.

Third Party Application Spottings

If you find a fellow community member via a third-party app such as LiveFlight, please do not post it here. There are designated threads for that, such as the one linked below.


1st, lol spotted @SPEEDBIRD101 a Milan today


First lol

Dang it @Icelandair_TeamICE

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HAHAHAi win!!!

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Wow! That was fast!


@Tsumia thanks for coming!

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I spot @PilotPeanutButter just ahead of me!


Oh wow, he’s actually peanut butter 😂 ok I’m gonna stop getting off-topic

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I think @David_Beckett beat you by a minute. Though I’m not sure why I’m saying beat, because it’s neither a race nor competition…

Hey @airbus7447skyhawk !!!

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I spot @Maxim who just took off from LHR and may have been wondering why I made a complete airport tour while taxiing to the runway I spawned next to.

I’m afraid I did not notice, I was too busy reading the departure chart, sorry! But since we’re on the subject, why would you do that, lol?

It absolutely is a race and a competition.

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I followed the path of the aircraft whose flight I am recreating right now. I don’t have any clue though why it would make that taxi route because it never stopped for de-icing or something…

this was not first

if you look at the topic url you will see they are made in order of topic creation. this is 534798

system is 534797

and david’s is 534796

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??? lol

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We’re aware. It’s up to the mods to choose which one stays and which one goes.

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Oh, I see! The A320 requires at least 2 minutes of engines running at near idle before applying take-off thrust, so they could have been taxiing around to do just that, but I’m not certain.

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Your plane is broken. 😂

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Hey there @ethandaviesaviation! Have a good flight to Jo-burg!