Community Members Spotted On Live Part 5

This thread is dedicated to Benny Harvey , R.I.P.

Welcome to Community Members Spotted On Live: Part Five!

Community Members Spotted On Live Part 4 is now nearing completion, which means it is time to for the fifth iteration in this series.

Tips And Rules

Spotting other users on live is a great way to to interact with the community, make new friends and avoid boredom during your mandatory COVID-19 quarantine. Follow these guidelines for the best experience:

  • You can tag a user who you have spotted by typing their IFC username after the “@” symbol, for example, @David_Beckett. This means they’ll receive a notification to tell them they’ve been compromised spotted.
  • You can message a user privately by clicking their name to open their profile, then click the blue “Message” button. Please use this feature for long discussions to avoid clogging up the thread.
  • If you spot lots of people, there’s no need to create multiple posts for each person. Create one post per spotting session. Just tag everyone in a list. Creating multiple posts clogs up the thread.
  • Any person who without reasonable excuse tags a staff member, shall be guilty of an offence.

Tagging staff members should be avoided. They are busy working on things to make Infinite Flight better. You can mention them, just don’t tag them. You can however tag moderators.

This rule may be broken provided the following conditions are met and tasks completed:

  • Must be the second Thursday of the month.
  • You must possess a pet sea cucumber with a length greater than one foot.
  • You must slay the Kraken that resides in the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean. Your sea cucumber can help you to complete this task.
  • You must construct a cinema on Mars.

This thread is for in-game sightings only.

Third Party Trackers

If you see someone you recognise on a third party tracker app such as Liveflight, please use the thread below:

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Happy spotting!


This one was first.

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@Captain_Ian hello there

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There is another part 5 thread…

The other one is doing better tho. Plus this one isn’t in the right category. Lets let the mods decide

The first in the wrong category 🙂

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I think @Z-Tube got it first


I saw Z-Tubes first as well

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there’s 3

and Z-Tube’s was first

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lol can’t believe its a race to publish the pre-made topic first 👀 💀

there’s probably a reason why @system automatically remakes these topics…


ikr never understood the point of that 🤣 💀


No one has lol


I randomly logged on at just the right time and quickly copied and pasted the previous attempt I made at a Community Members Spotted thread last year with some adjustments.


this was first

if you look at the topic url you will see they are made in order of topic creation. this is 534796

system is 534797

and zack’s is 534798