Community Members Spotted On Live Part 4

Thank you, nice shots!!

@Josue_Acuna you’re liking the taxiway I added to MROC, aren’t you? 🙌

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@Josue_Acuna 👋 approaching MROC 😂

Thank you sir

Hey hope you had a good flight @robertamos

Saw @LaroseRoyce @ Zurich (LSZH) circling

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Just saw @infiniteflightgb @HarryD_EGGD @IFTH_Thai_smile265 @Louie @PilotMarco2000 at Amsterdam!

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I see @AhtapotAK behind me 👋
Have a safe flight to Heathrow
And welcome to the IFC

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@Jamnhall spotted flying into jfk

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Hey there @Infinite2674! Thanks for controlling LOWI!

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I also see @PR-Gamer blasting out of LOWI. Flying right over me right now.

@RTG113, @Drummer, @Sashaz55 group flight into Islip


Long Island Vibes 🏝


Oh wow you’re welcome! I wasn’t expecting that. It was empty for 40 minutes and then some airplanes appeard, I was happy at that moment.

By the way you were on a YouTube livestream. And hi @Ecoops123! I see you at Zurich.

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oh I’m going to watch that ASAP

you might be on a YouTube video in the close future (Fast Forward of the LOWI session)

Sounds good! I’ll watch it! 👀

Hey bro which aircraft where you, I was the A380 off to Singapore!

I see @Chris_Hoss at Sydney

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