Community Members Spotted On Live Part 4

Yeah i’ve had , thanks for the nice seattle event.

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Hi @dca.iad.aviation! Parked next to you 😄

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I see you over New York @CPT_HILD

Yep just doing some VFR

Flyover by Newark, I’m landing right now from Saint Martin

Ok coming now

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Currently on the ground in Singapore. I can see @JoskingLaw on final into RW 02L, along with @M_Hartwich departing. In the distance, I can see @DeltaMaint climbing out. Thanks @Drummer and @Declan_O for the ATC service!

As I fly further west, I can spot @Lucas_Nicolas departing from Kuala Lumpur, @Cameron_M on the ground at Kuala Lumpur, @Joyner_Wilson west of Singapore, along with @AnthonyZ and @Joshua_Peixoto on the ground at Singapore.

Sorry if these are the wrong people and I accidentally just tagged someone in this strange and unnecessary post.


@robert_xing hope you have an nice flight to Copenhagen : )

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trailing @Levet by about 50 miles here, also enroute to EKCH. same FPL and everything, although it seems his metal tube of choice is the boeing 757👀

p.s. ill try my best to not run you over in the middle of the night

97kts tailwind so far. 🚀

@Marllo Hej från Göteborg!

Went back and found you! Thanks for the mention :)

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Welcome to Stansted @James_Harvey