Community Members Spotted On Live Part 4

Hope the landing wasn’t too bad

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Heading back to Toronto from Honduras and I see @iSpags @RoyalJordanian and @Joseph_Spinner

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Spotted @DeerCrusher while flying in Alberta, Canada while streaming today.


Is that… Gordon Ramsay?

Gordan Ramsey? lol 😂

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NZ did you see our event !

yeah ive seen it and not sure whether i can or not

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Gordon Ramsey???

No problem !

I was in the approach queue, I think you were departing north if I’m not mistaken :)

On my way back to Toronto from Fort Myers! I saw you over there too

It looks like @DeerCrusher is doing patterns at CYTZ, I’m inbound, hope to see you!

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Thanks, but that wasn’t me
No idea why his name is RoyalJordanian ( well we are in a free world)
But he is not me
But thanks again 😁

Looool whoops😂

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Aaand @MishaCamp out again with the 772 Departed from Vancouver heading to Madrid :)
Ah and by the way: Your hair colour looks great :) and it was a cool live stream today !

Rip I was going to say the same thing

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@TheInitialVirus spreading Corona and @ThomasThePro at CVVR! 👋👋
Also on the ground @Luke_Sta :)


@Jack_Q have fun going to Auckland!

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@NoahM thanks! I love it down there. I just wish AKL had more than one runway! They used to but for some crazy reason they turned it into a taxi way.

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Thanks for the ATC in Vancouver @Trevor_A!