Community Members Spotted on Live Part 3

@Luke_Sta is this you who I am parked next to?

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I dont know if you two saw me, but I just landed in KIAH. I see you two @Bravo59 and @Azure!

I also see:
@DiamondGaming4 doing a great job controlling!

@Smax rocking it out flying DLVA

@IF_Aviation1 in from SAT

@Asneed8706 in a 738

@Luke_Sta in the 737

@Guxk flying to Beijing soon

@Diego_Blanco_Giusti and I shared a similar approach path!

@Captain_Finck inbound for runway 9 flying as Spirit!

Nice to see you all!

Now, I’m just waiting for @Guxk to push back so I can get to gate E1, my scheduled arrival gate after this long flight from Bogota.


I seen @MrMrMan controlling at KIAH earlier.

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Aww i didnt see you! Did you see me land? Or was i already parked

@Will_A Greasing his way into IAH from SKBO. FYI he told me to send this message here

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Im sure he greased it XD

Heck yeah I did. Everyone needs to know that I greased it ;p

@Manav_Suri (duh) @Bravo59 @Azure @Will_A @Captain_Finck @Guxk and the infamous β€œTSATC RECORDING YOU”

@DiamondGaming4 Excellenet job as ATC, super impressive to see you handling GTS all by yourself. :)


Hey @Will_A thanks for the post! Yeah brother I saw you approaching. @DiamondGaming4 thanks for the great controlling and for the GoAround. This was an an amazing FNF.

@Will_A how was you Eldorado departure?

Great seeing you all!!


I see you Taipei πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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When I saw that name it scared me XD

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You guys already know I greased my landing, right?😏😏😏

It’s damn weird and cringey πŸ˜‚

Im pretty sure I watched you but im not sure.
If it was you then it was greased

More scary then cringey to me

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@Will_A @TaipeiGuru thanks for the spot!

I can barely see the taxiway


I completely lost @Azure after the landing, but it was a really fun flight
SO GLAD I DID THIS! I saw so many IFC members and now i’m happy :)

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It was great! I used the ZIP1H SID (

I was heavy, and the high elevation made it scarier. 83% load, and I was set for a fun takeoff. 97% N1 (Near max takeoff power -99N1 is max) and flaps 15 did the trick!

I wanted to park in the line of UA 737’s, but realism got the best of me and here I am, at gate E1, my passengers are happy to have landed.

Thanks @Will_A just heading to some beach some where πŸ˜Žβ›±. Everyone needs a trip to Mexico every now and then.

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Great! I know what you’re talking about haha. I’m from Venezuela and I fly a lot to bogota. I love those approach and departure procedures πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ’™

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