Community Members Spotted on Live Part 3

The topic below has reached 10,000 replies. The Live Servers are thriving with an ever growing player base flying across the globe in the multiplayer servers. With 60,000 active users on the forums, there’s a good chance you’ll spot someone flying with or near you. That’s where *Community Members Spotted on Live* comes in!

Some Tips, Tricks, and Rules

  • Firstly, Spotting others is a great way to interact with the community and make some new friends.

  • Tag the player you see in Flight on the online server. To tag a player, simply type the “@“ symbol next to their IFC username. If you cannot find a pilots username, just list their display name and hopefully they will recognise themselves somewhere in this thread. @Guxk an example.

  • Do Not Tag the developers and staff as they may be busy working on something. You may tag the moderators however. They usually don’t mind.

  • Lastly, please keep multiple sightings to a single post. @Captain_JR’a essays are great examples of what to do for lots of sightings.


I just want to address spottings using the Live Flight App. In the previous topic, I have seen people posting in the “Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2” thread with the Live Flight App. If you are spotting someone in Live Flight App while not flying, use this thread below. 👇

well i’d like to kick this off by thanking the one and only @Guxk for his ATC earlier. take a moment to press F for @CarlosFunes’s passengers cuz he ryanaired his landing lolol


Have fun receiving alot of message notifications 😉


Tomorrow: 500 notifications.

Mute the topic it you don’t want the notifications :)


A couple of months ago I looked at the history of the previous community members spotted thread and used it to calculate when it would reach 10,000 posts and need to be replaced. I calculated that a new thread would be needed around the 27th of May, so I wasn’t far off. Unfortunately I was too late to start the successor thread.

If this thread progresses like the last one it will reach 10,000 posts in around March 2021. In reality it will probably get there earlier than that as activity on the forum increases over time. I wonder what IF will look like then.

@Guxk you win this time and this time only.


@David_Beckett sounds a bit ironic that you calculated to win, only ended up losing hahahaha
I didn’t do any calculations and managed to officially close off Part 2 lol

Anyhow, let’s get back on topic folks!


Think I’m still due for a spot

If I decided to look at the forum a minute earlier I would have made it. Just unlucky.

Everybody spam this thread so it reaches 10,000 posts more quickly!

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Let’s start this off with a mod 😉🙂

Tyler Shelton in the 737-900:


Spotted quite a few people in SoCal during my Departure from LAX, Don’t know your tags, but if you are flying near/around that area. Hi!

I’m with @Sebastian_Ramirez on my way YSSY-KSEA

Spotted on Live. I know it’s what a lot of people do but it’s a pet peeve. I can spot 100 community members right now if I look on LiveFlight, it’s about flying and seeing them and being amazed to see company in the skies that you know. Taking the screenshot eager to tag them and let them know, wish them an enjoyable flight etc.


I spy @USA007 flying from SEA - SAN, enjoy!

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Would you like to start a two hundred year plus vacation this early !

Ehem… cough…


@Lovethisgame I think I can see you flying into LAX from ATL. Hope you enjoyed!


Spotted @Maxim … not quite sure what is going on 😂


@sabine flying from Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) to Ancorage (PANC) in an Alaska Airlines 737-800.
@Reid_Nix at Atlanta (KATL)

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From BAVA:


Anyone see my landing at KLAX? :(