Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@Luke_Sta, @Trio, @Kyle.Plane, @VAnuj… I’M FREE!!!

Bye Bye Hong Kong, Next Stop New York Baby 🛫 👌

Have a safe all of you and if possible grease it like Neeson did ;)

And @Neeson52, Thanks, it’s a ULH at 15hrs, so I’ll be off to sleep soon, I think maybe, haha got too hyped after all of this. Complete chaos down there ;P


You betcha ;)
Grease mode activated


On final from Toulouse, thanks for the spot.


Anytime. Safe landings buddy 😊


Spotted @Luke_Sta landing at Hong Kong!


Did he grease it? ;)


Well hello there, @James_Harvey! 👋🏻
*spotted @ WSSS


Spotted @Nathan doing a beautiful Whitestone Climb out of LGA, along with @Pilot_urp nearing LGA. Earlier I spotted @Pilot_B


Spotted so many Community members here at Hong Kong today! @VAnuj @Zach007 @Trio just to name a few! And let’s not forget @BluePanda900


I couldn’t tell, as my WIFI loves to tell me lies. 😉


It was actually the Flushing Climb which is slightly different from the Whitestone climb. You still get bonus points though.

Thanks for the spot! 🍪


Oh ok, I was kinda skeptical since I didnt see the small right turn on your flight path👀


Saw @Delta_Alpha_Lima at PHX earlier

Long time no see! :D


I see you @InfiniteFlightSlayer

Have a great flight to Oakland! :D

don’t forget San Jose XD

EDIT: I now see @harmyd arriving into PHX


@BigBert10 and I stayed parallel all the way from when I met up with him over AZ and down into Chicago area.


Oh! That was you! XD

We remained parallel, but gradually, you started passing me since you were going at a much higher speed than I was XD


Yeah… Perks of being at FL450 in the only Citation ever made that wasn’t a Slowtation. 😂


another flight ,throwback socal !


@HarryH1 spawned next to me at ORD. Looks like we’re both about to hop the pond.


Spotted @Rishon_R at EDDF getting ready for a long journey to MMMX as I took off heading to KJFK