Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


I wouldn’t see since I’m 30000 feet in the air and don’t have my glasses on and about to go to sleep now. So you’re safe from my third eye capable of spotting people who are rarely seen in IF🙈


Is that what my plane ran over on landing?


@Rockydawg_42 was just chasing me in his little TBM!


Spotted @Captain_JR @AviationJack @Chris_Hoover and others I also did watch @Logan takeoff right before me. Its really nice to see the A330 wingflex


I see you @Captain_JR


Will be climbing to FL400 before going to sleep for 4hrs only 😂😴


I have about 1 hour left till i arrive I didn’t have time for a long haul sadly so I kept it short and simple


I’ll do a ULH for FNF flying into HKG ✈

Hope to see you there or in the region #SouthEastAsia :)


I tried to keep up
Didn’t work to well


Spotted @Mika and @Michael_O_Sullivan today :)


Spotted @Henrik nearing KLAX


Oh! Hi @CR3W. I really can’t remember the last time I saw you. Hope you have a safe flight, wherever you are going. And the same goes to you too @youssefEB26, who is to the left of CR3W :)

Also beautiful takeoff there @Cbro4, long time no see, like god, it’s been half a year or so since I last saw you. The same goes for CR3W too. Anyways, lovely climb out out of HKG, I Like It 😋

I see more old familiar faces, @Gussy.03 is inbound at HKG too, very soon. Safe landings ✈


Thanks, haha! Tried to do a little “wave”


I did managed to snap a screenshot of your takeoff :P

A moment that can’t be missed ;)

Then again we have Live Replay now so… more screenshots can be taken :D


Oooooooh I forgot about that (first flight since the update). I’ll have to see what it looks like!


So far, so good. I still am used to take screenshots as the moment comes and not after-hand. But now I can enjoy the view, worry less and the pictures after done with my flight ;)


Same to you @Captain_JR! By the looks of it you’re headed for an over-nighter 🙂


Yes Sir. A 15hrs long flight to JFK. A heavy one too. Packed with PAX, Cargo and Fuel, and ready to go in a few minutes :)


A few more lovely people are spotted at Hong Kong Int’l this Friday Night: @jackrs5, @Koby_Thomas, @Joseph007 and @Adam_Williams 👋✈


I see @Sindto @Gman and @Pilotcorn09 at VCBI! Enjoy your flight guys!