Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


What can I say? I’m a loyal guy 😁


Spotted @Captain_JR
@Peter_S at zbaa


Hi There, and thanks for the spot. I did see you across the terminal. I’m gonna do an overnight, medium haul to Kuala Lumpur with this beauty 😘

#Air Asia X 😍


Spotted @LordTare flying under me during my step climb


Hey there @MrMrMan and @Ethan_Chloe123! Enjoy your flight to LA!
@146flyer as Well!


Good luck on landing!


Yeah I see you heading to Shanghai


Hey there @Luke_Sta! Have a safe landing :)


Hello @DEN_Airport


Enjoy your flight!


Hey 👋 enjoy your flight


@146flyer if you want to copy someone’s flight plan, I would recommend not going faster than then and once you realize you’re too close, flying over them.

@Ethan_Chloe123 are flying together. I’m always welcome for random people to join in on my flights, but please respect that we’re in a group.

Anyway, thanks for climbing higher than us to get rid of the spacing issue. :)


Guys, in China isn’t there a restriction where you must not fly over the city?


Just checking everything out. It’s a blast!


Oh My, Do I See @Chris_Hoover AT Beijing? Wow, a very long time no see, for real!

And @Zach007, @Gman, @LaroseRoyce, @AviationJack, @Will_Padilla + @Nate_Schneller too in Beijing :)


I’m here also


Idk, but there are some very noticeable and distinct air-routes airlines fly when passing over Chinese airspace, also this thread is not meant for general questions, you may make a separate topic or PM a mod to ask such questions, thank you :)


And you too Jack ;)


I also see @Chris_Hoover @Gman @LaroseRoyce @Logan and @Captain_JR at ZBAA


Better watch out, haven’t flown this bird in ages… If there is an A330 in pieces on the ground, assume it is me.