Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


KSAN Spotting

I spotted @Beljany!
And if intentional duo-flight counts as spotting, well, I “spotted” @Tegar_Kusuma along KONT - KSAN 😂


And behold, @CaptSnilloc in Southwest 983!


Wassup there, @Chatta290! 👋🏻


Hello @infiniteflight_17 I see you coming into Burbank from Ontario

How was your quick hop

I also see @Avi8rBrian departing Los Angeles and @Carolina_Taylor sitting at Los Angeles


Nice screenshot! @EdgyEugene.


Yeah I was preparing for my 9 hour flight to Heathrow, trying to get good jetsreams


If only you did the flight to London heathrow from San Jose

But have a great flight! :D


Two days in a row yes!


I’ve done it sometime in the past lol, almost 650kts speeds😹


Plus I spotted @Jarek_Sydry for The Atlantic crossing, contact oceanic frequency 👀😹


I came just a bit later, you would have spotted me!


I will find you. And I will k̶i̶l̶l̶ screenshot you. 😂



Caught @HYPER lifting off in his China Southern 787 @ ZBAA!


Spotted @Declan_O off to Heathrow over Siberia, have a safe landing!


In his head he was probably like “oh yeah no atc which means I can do what I want”. Probably him in his head.


Thanks for the spot! It was an overnight flight, whilst I slept at the controllers! 😱


Oh😹 well, I’m headed to Shanghai, about 6 hours to go but luckily I’m in EDT so I’m wideeee awake!


Hello @Joseph_Spinner @Jeffrey1o2 @Ron


@Alan_S 💛


@Joseph_Spinner has shown up at every one of my sessions this week lol


Look who I found


Thanks for spotting me!!