Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Actually I wear glasses with a vision being negative 5,5 in European measurements… so it is not perfect at all. But with glasses I got perfect 100 score, though I just like many others tend to see quite badly when tired… so I try to not fly when I’m extremely sleepy, which I am very often, considering my sleep schedule being totally off 😂

But when it comes to spotting I’m a boss. Have spotted many who are rarely spotted. Those who fly often but flies under most people’s radar so they usu sally don’t get spotted. I try to vary and find people I myself also rarely see, and you happen to be someone I know gets spotted from time to time but never have been spotted by me 😉


@Chris_S Heh.


Also this should be in Humorous Live Photos. ;)


I see @Captain_JR at KSFO and @MasterZekrom at KSAN


Thanks for controlling Miami @mkwiecek. You did a great job!


Hi There 👋

Will be departing in 6hrs from now. Pilot needs to sleep and therefore need to sleep, but shhh 🤫🤭

I blame technical issues to be the cause of our delay 👌😉


I saw @Luke_Sta landing at MCO! 😉


Found someone finally


Aha, you happened to spot the one and only: Unicorn!! @MishaCamp 🦄


I spotted:
and Misha Camp


Well hello there 👋🏼


Good livery choice. illinois one


Wait you did?


Yep, I did.


Where and when lol


I was spotting in KSAN for a while before I left to go to the gym.


Hey @MishaCamp! Enjoy your flight to LHR :)


@joseph_spinner to my northwest about to land at JFK


Caught @MishaCamp during takeoff at San Diego! Enjoy your flight!


weird flex but ok