Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Yeah haha, that was very close :p


I took the odds to fly into heathrow… it was soo crowded. I did see Laura and the flightcast owner in formation and land on 27R at heathrow though. While I was avoiding hitting 747s…


I spot @Michael_Czyz and @Takeoff_Aviation! Safe flights!


Got @Matt777


@Tyler_Shelton in a BA E190!



@Damian Hi.


🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ I’d like to plead ignorance. But unfortunately I saw it 😔. But I trusted you when you said you’d stay clear of traffic so I let you do your thing.

Good seeing everyone out there - was a high profile session. Fun times!


I spot @mwe2187, @mac104 and @jlande499 all heading to Miami! Safe travels!


Thanks for spotting me! It’s been a long time since I was last spotted 😁


Spotted @indraniel departing from Miami ✈️


Spotting @Jan on our way to Miami😊
Also, @Chatta290 like 30 minutes ahead of me


You sir are very sharp! 😉👍


I need to use my third eye to spot unique pilots like you 🧐


Damn… got good eyes!


I’m over the Atlantic right now, should be landing around 5:00 pm central or so


Southern Air 777F, shouldn’t be more than 1 of those going to Miami on expert from Istanbul


I spotted this nice guy on live expert server today, no communication, taxied through me, easyjet reported being on final, he totally ignored it and lined up just to stop on the runway and forced easyjet to go around. He is a grade 5! Wish there would have been ATC so he would have been ghosted.


Contact a mod via pm they will most likely be able to assist if they username and callsign in the image still is the same now. It is not excusable on ES and especially when you are Grade 5 !


Lol did you also see my messing about trying to find rwy 24? Pfff total noob moment haha


Nope didn’t see. You escaped my third eye that time ;)