Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


ok thanks It probably was for the better I ended the flight then. nothing was looking right I’m gonna be doing back and fourth all day so there will be plenty of good landings to see! have fun in the tower.


You should have taken the go around I was about to issue and try the challenge of landing in windy conditions! Have a safe flight out tho!


Yeah I went the long way around because you know…realism 😂


That’s also what I normally do for my VA and otherwise


It has been nore than 6 months but I have spotted @Marsiana7 again, this time at London Heathrow 👋

Also spotted @Gaby_Burnei along with my first time spotting @Teddybrooo 😆

Always great to see @Chatta290 and @AtomicHerbster4 👌

@niks.goen spotted west of Asmterdam and @SwedishFlyer who have flown from Stockholm, Sverige 🎉

Also, @Trio on Approach doing some God’s work. Beautiful stuff. A perfect way to end a 12+ hour long flight 🥳


@Trio does control very well I have yet to have a bad experience with him controlling.


Nice to see another swede (I think) hehe


If anyone cares I’ll be flying OMDB to KMIA. Then I might fly KMIA to MMMX all with the Emirates 772F


Gave you a realistic one… ;)


You’d be correct on that one buddy ;)

Hope you had a safe flight and landing ✈


Yeah, I noticed that during the 360 turn. Thanks a lot Trio. I’m super happy that you were able to vector me like IRL 😆


Spotted @BadPlane at KLSV and @art_martinez at KLAX and @CaptZach at KLGB


I’m suuuuper tired but gotta depart tho and by doing so I spot @EthanT2 🙂


Nice to see you. Good luck in your flight.


Uhhh, you got me :D


@ColinS, @Chris_Wing, @AtomicHerbster4 and @Jay_Roman, all four on their way to Londong Heathrow ✈️

Over at EHAM:


I found @Pancake today at KDFW.


Love that plane as soon as the takeoff is done! 😅


Until I see proof, I deny everything! 😉

I also deny nearly colliding with @SwedishFlyer at the end of 18R/27.
Nice swirl happened there, and we didn’t get slapped by @mac104 😎
MAC was too busy with a guy who had no idea how to do a go-around for 27 😅


Ayy, second time you’ve spotted me today:)