Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Why would she be testing the A332 while flying an A333? I think the Devs just like to get out and fly once in a while for fun.


Well she’s flying a A330-200F. So technically she is flying the A330-200…


Oops. Didn’t realize that was UPS. But still, has nothing related to testing.


Today I saw @ActnJaksn239 flying Delta over Central California


See if you can find me… Air China 888 Heavy. On my to ZBAA from KLAX. Passing over KSFO right now at FL360.


@TCHeincy what server


I was on Training. Something came up so I ended the flight.


On my way to KJFK from SKBO
Spotted @schyllberg flying to KATL from SKBO

Also spotted @Dillon_Lewis on the radar flying to KMCO from SKCG

Hope you guys landed safely just arrived at KJFK not to long ago


Is anybody doing the transatlantic tonight to arrive one of the featured airports for tomorrow?🤷🏼‍♀️


Spotted @Chatta290 flying from VIDP to EGLL via the long way in a Boeing 777-200ER. Have a good flight to London


@Captain_JR I have only been spotted twice in my entire time here… and both have been by you! haha


Did JRRaviation spot you or was me? ;)

Did you tag the correct JR?

Since, I saw you yesterday and quite some while ago in England :)


Dammit… early morning us my only excuse haha fixed it… my bad dude, least I remember it was the same person both times haha


No worries. And yeah at least you remember it was me and someone with JR in the name too 😆

It was a nice surprise to see you. It has been a while since I last saw you. Hope you jad a great flight and safe landing 🛬


Always bud a nice flight bud, winds were kind yesterday to make for a nice landing too!

6kt down the strip if I remember correctly. How was your flight?


Excellent actually. Got in the right soeed to land the A340-600. A very beautiful and unique aircraft. All went well. Although close to being short on fuel due to heavy headwinds but other than that did manged to land. Th elevation had me off for a second. Didn’t plan my descent properly but was able to take control of the situation.

Currently en-route to EGLL with a 777-300ER :)


Heavy headwinds is something I really hate😩

Spotted @HYPER approaching Schiphol, I’m heading to San Fransisco!


omg the headwinds were insane and we were stalling. we fell to about 1000 then continued our approach but they told us to follow instructions or I would be ghosted. they probably mistook that I was going to land on the wrong runway because I was so far off.


Oh wow😂…it was mixed with turbulence I guess


Hey! I am the controller at EHAM. You were right. You kept lining up for 18C instead of 18R. Couple of aircraft ahead you were able to line up 18R without problems so I didn’t know if you were lining up 18C or R. Sorry for the warning. I wasn’t gonna ghost but I was about to issue a go around