Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Umm who took off next to you? 🤔


not you right okay, a guy took off in a 777 at a regional airport with major tailstrike to nearly stall with a nose up 50 degrees high


Nah this is funny😹😹…I’m approaching Bogota soon with some guy named Jean Pierre


Oh God. Sounds Terrible.

Well, I’m to your left at/above FL270 climbing to FL350 in a Airbus A340-600 :)


Safe trip back to Frankfurt mate!!


Thanks, hope you had a safe flight and landing :)


Yeah it was cool mate! Thank you 😊


Spotted @Grady_Herbert leaving San Antonio…possibly screenshot after landing


Spotted @Carolina_Taylor on her way to MMMX.


Yes it has


Heyy, I spotted you too, my landing was absolute butter!😹


Saw @AviationGaming taking off at MMMX!

Hopefully you didn’t see my trash landing. I over estimated my altitude. 😂


Didn’t see anything :)


I spotted @Laura approaching MMMX ! Probably testing the A332


I think we’re not allowed to tag the devs so try to desist from it in future


Yeah it’s a unwritten rule. Thanks for spreading it!

I spot a AMVA group flight, @Enrique_Fernandez, @Fernando_Carbajal, and @SebastianSanchezLara!

And @LaroseRoyce to our south east. @LachyRobertson heading to MMMX.

@Grady_Herbert at MMMX!

@Ian_Mckillop heading to KIAH with the 744! And @N1DG heading to KLIT.


Thanks for the spot! I am currently preparing for a flight to Guatemala City.


saw @pdxgimlet at ATL just now! how was my controlling?


I am confused.Is he like an ATC mod or something


thanks for spotting me.