Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Hi There… A Fruit That Can Walk 😆👋


Looks like that was 10-15minutes before i crashed… was laying in my bed with my cat and he just opend split screen (and IF doesn’t survived that) hut whooooo I got spotted for the second time


Gotta love the stuff you find on liveflight


Actually, he is a beta tester.


Spotted Captain Ourma while leaving for Bogota


Another thing is, I think Daylight Savings hasn’t been activated on IF. Anybody knows why?


Nice. Running some patterns in the TDM-930. I’ll do some in the C208 sometime. Were you the 737 that landed with no Unicom interaction


@AdamCallow gotcha!


Spotted @Captain_Zen and @IFBR-Mauricio at Bogota ✈


No. I spotted you on my way to Dallas Love Field.


Saw @baseball_inferno on his way to KOAK, while I am on my way to CMH! Enjoy your flight!


I see you on the map now, from SEA in an A320


I am 25 minutes early.


I’m actually 15 mins early, I had some good tailwinds over Montana and Idaho and no winds over South Dakota


I see @Captain_JR at SKBO!

I see you’re in a Lufthansa A340-600. Good luck on your flight to Frankfurt!


Haha, Thanks. Returning back home to Frankfurt :)

By the way, the guy in between you and me in the takeoff queue, he literally sped up to 45kts. I definitely thought he’d taxi right through me at that speed 😂


Yeah, I saw that. I just finished pushing back, and he literally swerved around me, and clipped me with his right wing.

I just started taxing, and then he literally sped up to like 45kts like you said.


Spotted @Scott_Ellis_Paddon, @Trio, @B4ND1T, @Grizpac and @Mags885 inbound at Bogota as I leave the airspace heading to home hub, Frankfurt 👋

Safe Landings, Remember to GREASE 🔥… and mind the elevation too, seen some miss their landing due to it ;)

Also gotta mention the classy controlling, such smoothness provided by the one and only @Darius_Glover and @Julius97 - Excellent Job as always, nothing can beat the work you guys put in 👌


was that who took off next to us ?


Well I got him to divide his speed. I can’t go taxiing like crazy in a heavy A346. But oh well, each on their own. Anyways Thanks for the spot once again. Have a great day! 👋