Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@Jakub_Astary Spotted!!


While heading to DFW from @Joseph007 's ORD event, I spotted…
@Joseph007 and @DiamondGaming4 on their way to Houston.
@ChaiAir right behind me as we head to DFW.
Also spotted @SimpleWaffles I believe heading to Tokyo!

Have safe flights y’all!


Today I spotted @TYTY


The following statement is stolen from @WestJet737767

Should i tag @DeerCrusher or shoild I not tag @DeerCrusher? Maybe I should ask @DeerCrusher.

Today, I spotted @DeerCrusher with a new callsign of “Mary Poppins” flying from KLAS-KORD. @DeerCrusher uses very silly callsigns lol. However @DeerCrusher has disappeared from my map and I can no longer see @DeerCrusher. Also I disconnected so @DeerCrusher cant see me either. To make a very long story short, I spotted @DeerCrusher


Banned - By (you guessed it) Deercrusher


I saw @CameronH21 landing at Fort Lauderdale.


I can see @Chatta290 on his way from New York to Los Angeles in what I am assuming is the Delta A333 :)


crossed paths with @Jourdan_D / @JourdanD over the Middle East last night.


Hey there! So that was you! That was close I was at FL370 and you was at FL380 4nm apart! Happy flying!


Does anybody know IFATC Darius’s IFC name?


@Darius_Glover I believe.


@Snow_Cone and I departed from KLAX within a few minutes of each other and are headed to KJFK…different routes…who makes it there first?


Lol I was ahead until over Kansas we will see…


Noticed @DeerCrusher during my flight to KLAX, with a fancy name!😁


@Snow_Cone and I approaching KJFK


could this be a collision @BigBert10


Big oof, you are going to San Francisco :(

most likely infiltrating SJC airspace as well

But nice to see you :D


I see @BadPlane at Austin.


@Kate_Russell out my left window right now… 👋


👋 @Captain_JR