Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@Matt737 just toke off from MIA while me and @InfiniteNick are en route to FLL
Enjoy your flight to LAX


@Dylan_M Beside me in the south pacific enroute to LAX


Today I spotted @Mike_Woodard and @Jeremy_H


That’s awesome, I think that’s the first time I’ve been spotted. We landed parallel. That’s my buddy


We saw you too @TCHeincy!


Awesome! Hope you had a great flight.😊


I love parallel landings! My buddy was the one doing ATC.😁


Yea, was he doing approach too?


i spy @Scott_Ellis_Paddon straight ahead of me in his trusty C130J-30


@Carolina_Taylor landing at LTFM


Can’t wait!


Hello @baseball_inferno at EDDF


I’m not at EDDF. I’m at KORD.


It looks like you have a imposter here 👀


Oh hey @EthanT2 and @Dylan_Bright
Oh hey @MacGyver
@EthanT2 that was a good landing!


Currently see @Alan_S, @EthanT2 and @Scott_Ellis_Paddon at EGLL!

@Boodz_G @BenW heading to EGLL aswell!

@HPNMatt at EHAM!

@schyllberg heading to EDDF, and @LeoHund and @GHOST_heavy heading to EGLL at EDDF. @Julius97 heading to EDDF from UUEE!


He had some extra time to prepare for it… 😜. Busted!


Thanks for reminding me… now i need to circle a few times. Haha


Your right, FedEx routes with FDXVA


I see:

@Plane-Train-TV On his way to Baltimore.
@JeromeJ on his way to D.C
@AviationJack Heading to D.C as well.