Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Howdy! Winds are not looking good in Aspen! XD

Enjoy your flight to LA!


Haven’t had the time to fly this whole week, but when I do takeoff into the sky of Infinite Flight, I spot: @PranavGupta, @Neeson52 and @Luke 👋


I just saw @XxNightFlyerxX at KLAS. Enjoy your flight to Atlanta!


Oh hey there @Jack_M! Have a nice flight to Florida :)


Thanks I was just gonna about to shout you out have a nice landing in Muskegon!


Spotted @Plane-Train-TV going to Salt Lake City


Spotted these two guys working for FedEx @ KMEM :) @Mike_Woodard @Andres_Arias


Spawned next to Laura at KORD today. This looks like a preview of the new a330 after a soft rework. Looking great!!


Thank you! I Made the trip in 3 hours


Spotted @AviationJack at KRIC, (My home airport!!!)




I see @Matt777 at KATL!


Enjoy the landing at KATL @InfiniteNick


I see Mary Poppins flying with a big heart :)



Yeaaa, got some pretty hefty crosswinds on 9L.


Saw LOTS of community members today!








@ESCORT01 AND @Nate_Schneller






@MrMrMan landing at KMSP


All taken during the IFAE “Flying For A Cause” event today at KORD and KMSP.

As a bonus, here’s my recording of my takeoff from KORD today. Look at how many people were there!


I see @Plane-Train-TV near Denver on my way to Memphis


also spotted @DeerCrusher as Mary Poppins


Yesterday before spooling up at Dubai, saw @Damian overhead and Hunter Fellman Greene who had just landed and taxied to gate (sorry, dont know your tag here!).

Later on I flew EWR to Athens, saw @InfiniteFlight1 (George Marwood) directly overhead while on my descent.


Found @VirginPride trying to go to space on Expert 👀