Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Was doing a 21hr NZAA - LTFM. Hope
you enjoyed your flight.


I’m not going to tag him as I don’t want to bother him, but it was nice seeing Chris S just now :) . You have the best display name πŸ‘


Spotted @MatheusSodre heading to EDDM.


@David_Beckett Glad to help you get to your destination! See you next time


Spotted @Knellered arriving at KLAX


Spotted @Pilothodge80 at EDDM


@Ethan_Hansen and @Plane-Train-TV holding down Munich. Great job guys, keep up the hard work!

Thanks! KLM 67


I saw @Luke_Sta on his way to Istanbul.

I saw Tyler taxing to runway 17L at Istanbul.

I see @baseball_inferno parked at Istanbul.


spottet @Martin_Middeke at EDDM


Spotted @Tyler_Shelton on my screen when I entered on Expert Server. Have a safe flight to FACT.

And @Trio controlling LTFM.


Spotted Misha not even at his event, and not going there either!


Your very welcome!


Spotted @DaniCP controlling on my destination.


i see @Dylan_M and other people about to land at KBNA


Just saw @AviationFlyer taking off


Saw @GatwickGuy being ATC in EGLL


You mean EGLL lol


Oops, sorry


@ThatLithuanianBoi Got full session on video. I might post them part of it later on, i will tag you in.


@Joseph007 enjoy your flight to Aspen!