Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@jghastings, How funny we saw each other again. I was doing pattern work at my Home Airport and you were just above Two Harbor, or 20 miles away. How odd is that.

And no, it’s not on purpose that I went to KDLH to see you.


Saw @Matthew_Brittain last night. I was headed south out of Reno, I think he was headed to Oakland.

Also saw @tomthetank later last night down around Van Nuys right before I started descent for San Diego.


@LaroseRoyce and @SwedishFlyer at CYYZ recently


@MishaCamp, Heading North to Vancouver, Canada 🛫

@Chris_S, Heading North to Calgary, Canada 🛫


Laura at Dubai!


@DeerCrusher at Vancouver! Enjoy your flight, Deer!


😅Only spawning in and out with different aircraft. Not going anywhere at the moment.


Will do, Gordon Ramsay :)


What? There are 2 @DeerCrusher at Vancouver???


😏Shhh. I’m trying to break stuff.


Double the deers but the humor is always as good!


There are also two Tyler Sheltons!

What is all this???


@Pilotcorn09 at Bombay, enjoy your flight!




@Damian love the callsign Moose 😂


Spotted @Patrick_Gallagher while flying with @EthanT2 from CYYC-KLAS. See picture below


@LaroseRoyce landing with me as tower for the second time today!


@ActnJaksn239 in a pink? something or other yesterday at LAS… I forget what it “officially” was labeled. 🤔


are they testing planes?


I have every plane downloaded… it looks like the 220… but, iirc (and I am going off slim memory here) was labeled a319 👀

At first I thought it was something I didnt have d/l’d but I looked later and I have everything.