Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Today I spotted some members of our community flying in the Californian sky @PlaneCrazy




Spotted oh my 2nd favorite mod! You guess that, ha @Chris_S! I see you on Liveflight, but on the way to PANC where I am going with almost same ETA time destination! See you there! How funny I am writing, 😂!


I see @SwedishFlyer doing patterns at KSEA👋 It’s the second time I’ve caught you recently.


Spotted @BigBert10 doing KSJC-KLAX, @Moritz, @GlobalFlyer1 and @Plane-Train-TV taking off from LAX


Oh yea I also spotted @Luke_Sta and @infiniteflight_17 .Spotted all these people in one 51 minute flight


Lol, I was actually flying with @BigBert10 to Los Angeles and happened to park next to @Plane-Train-TV :)


That flight of mine was all messed up…glad you got to see an intact plane taxiing back to where it came from.


Yeah I got ghosted by @Adam_Macaulay shortly after you found me XD

I’m off for a week (most of the week in San Diego)

PM me for more info


Ahh my IFATC trainer.That sucks


But looking on the bright side, I’m going to be in San Diego for pretty much most of the week and I have hw to do after so the ghost doesn’t affect me much at all (unless the ghost gets extended to 2 weeks XD)

Sent @Adam_Macaulay an apology note and we are all good now :)
He doesn’t think I’m some weird freak who doesn’t follow instructions XD


@CR3W controlling VHHH. Thanks for your service and now I’m off to Boston ;)


I was suprised when I heard you were ghosted actually.Im goona do the route that you got ghost in now anyways


PM me and I’ll tell you more of what happened :)

this is getting off topic XD

Long story short: A mistake caused me to gain 1 big fat scary red Halloween ghost to my IF account XD


the one that follows also joins… 👻👻


How did it get messed up?


In your dreams

Back on topic


don’t come back when the 👻 gets you…


Thanks! Went well, my landing could have been a tad better lol.


Just finshed the flight with no ghost 😜😜


Let’s say, he had some fuel issues 😅 @Aquila