Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@HiFlyer @LachyRobertson @Altaria55 @Gabe_Z - Hey down there at LSZH!

@SkyHighGuys @Lee88 - Great controlling by the looks of it!

Happy Valentines Day! :)


Lol. I didn’t even notice you were there.

@Piperflyer nice controlling at EDDL!


@Kate_Russell at KORD, @Matt777 Going to Miami!


I’ve been spotted


I spot @Lucas_Piedra at KDEN! Hope you had a fun flight from Boston!


It was very bumpy but at the same time scenic. I think I’ll stick around for a while as you and @GlobalFlyer1 come in.


Thanks mate. See ya there!


You parked in one of the spirit gates


Oops. Must need sleep then.


It’s all good

I have to go now, Have a nice night.
@GlobalFlyer1 have a safe landing!


Hey… Who is this?


@EthanT2 going to Seattle from Amsterdam!


Enjoy your flight to Seattle aswell!


Hey @CameronH21! Enjoy your flight to JFK!


@TheRealPocketRishi Enjoy your flight to Seattle!

Love your videos :)


Thanks! hope you had a good flight and I did not see you


I spot @MishaCamp flying to Seattle! Hope You have a fun flight!


Hey @Emiliano_Padilla! Hope you had a safe landing!


Uh…guy…could you NOT spawn in at my gate and start pushing back? Was trying to participate in the Flash Flight…but never mind


Spotted @Altaria55 at KSEA
Spotted @Joseph007 nearing KSEA @BigBert10, he did the KSJC right loop