Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Nice! Where did you see me, @Airbus_737?


Spotted @Chatta290 at Zurich 🛫


Spotted IFC_Stef while doing pattern work at KLAS last night. I don’t know his tag.



I might have tagged the wrong Alejandro, but I believe I saw you near New York.


@Zuhair.Mazhar followed me into LOWI after epic approach services from @jakcharvat and nailed his landing.


Saw you on a flight from KGEG-KSEA.


@ Tyler_Shelton Nice landing! Also @Tom_Grollman in the BBJ at LSZH.


Spotted @Jack_M in the TBM nearing the MA/NY border. Safe arrival in Nantucket!


Spotted @bdreslin02 on approach to KSEA.


Thanks for spotting me! Where were you if I may ask? I didn’t see you on my map at all


No problem. I was about 130 miles east of Portland.


Ah ok. I wasn’t really looking at my map during descent and approach, so that’s probably why I didn’t spot you. Next time though! :)


Still never spotted! I’m unspotable!


Saw @PlaneCrazy right when I began some pattern work to get those extra landings into Grade 3. :)


Hey, I saw you too! Nice photo, you caught me on my best landing.


Thanks for the spot had a great landing ! Happy Landings to you too buddy !


@Lucas_Piedra Enjoy your flight to KDEN! @Tyler_shah enjoy your flight to KJFK!


Spotted @Kate_Russell departing KORD heading to KPIT have fun with that crj ! Safe landings !


Ah thanks for the spot! Name a better way to end Valentines day with some LUV😉


You can thank @FLARE911 for his impressive controlling during all the pattern practice in variable and occasionally difficult wind conditions

Edit note: @GHOST_Heavy is already an excellent IFATC …IMHO however since this was on the training server this was GAF Major Fodge who is also training to be an IFATC