Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Spotted @DenverChris and a few others while flying some patterns with @Juan_Oosthuizen


Thanks for coming


Glad I got to see you depart SLC last night, Luke :)


Nice sunset pic @mac104! Thanks for sharing it.


Spotted @EthanT2 (yet again) at KSTL
Spotted @Joseph007 heading down to KABQ from KMDW
Spotted @Doug_Hamilton flying Air Force One
Spotted @Kate_Russell at KDEN
Spotted @Asneed8706 near KLSV


Lol. Enjoy your flight to LAX


Try to spot me coming from EDDF to KLAS 747-8


I will, don’t worry lol


Spotted @PilotDog taking off from Auckland. Have a sade flight ✈️


Hi @MishaCamp


Thanks for the spot!


Saw @MishaCamp at NZAA a few minutes ago :) . Nice to see you again. Also saw you in a 787-9 dreamliner taking off from EGLL two weeks ago. Happy flying :) . PS. Yes, I saved a Boston creame pie for you :)


@Joseph_Spinner I saw you on my final approach, when you were taking off from KJFK


I’m currently flying to Atlanta after an overnight to Manchester, NH from Seoul, SK using the Delta 788.

Kinda made my trip interesting, I did a β€œFerry” type of flight to MHT from ICN (12 hours). Then, as a one-off thing, I then decided to fly a PAX flight using the 787 to Atlanta, and then a normal flight back to MHT using a smaller airplane.

While the Delta 787 flight from ICN-MHT is very unrealistic, the MHT-ATL route is, but aircraft type is obvious unrealistic.

ICN-MHT-ATL all 787

Try and catch me landing in Atlanta :)


Spotted @Sebastian9915 approaching Auckland this morning. I actually did this same flight last night.


Thanks for the spot! πŸ‘πŸ»


I spot the KSJC god in his natural habitat
AKA @BigBert10


Hehe, I saw you too! :D

Have a great flight to Las Vegas! :D


Have a good one to Salt Lake! Hope to see you around more often!


Hi @Julius97