Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Thank-you for the spot and compliment. The A380 isn’t always the easiest to get off the ground, that’s why I use Flaps 2 most of the time!


Does Asiana actually use the A380 for that route? I mean, Korean Air uses the 748 aswell.


Yep, look up Asiana 102 on flightaware! I was surprised myself!


I spot @bdreslin02, @bechrisair, @CaptainCam, and @Nathan near me :)


See me too? ASVA004?


Sure do. Hope you had a fun Flight!


You as well my friend!


Excellent flight with a lot of good people. Thanks for the spot. I saw you departing Salt Lake as well. :D


I spot @BigBert10 in his unnatural habitat of KSFO. 😂


Was doing patterns for @DiamondGaming4 earlier display name was GAF IF Aviation


I see you too @esant_15

I came into KSFO from KATL yesterday. I will be back at KSJC soon :D

Have a great flight to Houston! :D


Thanks! Hope you have a smooth flight to Minneapolis.


Most likely not as there is so much snow up there XD

Thanks anyways! :D


Trust me, you’re under exaggerating, it’s not looking good here lol


I just looked at the weather and boy I wish we had that here in the south. Never really experience that down here. XD


Phenomenal ATC in RJAA by @Piperflyer. The one and only criticism is that you kinda cleared planes for takeoff when are on final. That resulted with 1 go around with me, and the other go around was a plane cutting me on short final, in which I had to go around a second time.



Saw @DiamondGaming4 depart Houston while I was on my approach.


I apologize at the go-around. With that airport it threw me off a bit how the runways are staggered so on radar it says plane would be 7 miles out, but 34L is set back so far traffic is not really that far out. I’m still sorta a newbie at this but i’m Trying to catch on.

I appreciate constructive critism so i can try to improve my flow. At first it wasn’t busy then it got busy then it died off then it went all out party time! Lol i for sure need to go relax now… takes big deep breath.


Spotted @DenverChris departing NZWN on his way to Auckland. Enjoy your flight!



Nope, didn’t fly at all yesterday.