Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Secrets… I’ll pretend I didn’t read that… 😶


He records all of his flights with a third party recorder. Not a secret.


Oh, that’s pretty clever of him to do actually.


Spotted @MishaCamp on his way to Nagoya Komaki… wait, that’s a Domestic Airport only used by Fuji Dream Airlines basically. Are you sure you’re headed right…? I guess Mr. Unicorn has special privileges? 😎


Overflying it and taking pictures then heading to Centrair on a visual 🤙🏼


Sounds beautiful, hope you get some amazing shots. Safe Flying 🛫


While doing the first flight of my world tour, I’ve seen @zand3r, @Murilo_Heindrich, @Nolan_Hastings, @Alejandro_Caruso, and @Pinecone


Awesome! Where’d you spot me at @Airbus_737 ?


I see @Declan_O at his first IFATC session!


I was over KJFK when I spotted you. I’m heading to KBTV


Believe I saw @Pro_FS departing out of Manchester on Expert yesterday. I was Delta 803


Mod squad!

Spotted @Dylan_M while on a flight to KSEA with ASVA.


When was this?


Around a week ago. I was coming up from KDFW.


Oh yeah, I remember that.


Did you mean to reply to me?


No, my bad.


I tried rocking my wings to get your attention.


I saw @DeerCrusher getting his butt whooped in the Need For Speed event for KLAX to KJFK


@Declan_O that was a nice takeoff!