Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


HAHAHHAHA thats great.


@DeerCrusher on final at Cancun International! @Pilot_M


There we go! Nice! 😂


Spotted @DeerCrusher controlling at KNUC while @Balloonchaser, @Julius97 and geniusman having a sky party.DeerCrusher not accepting pattern work as soon as a spwaned which sucks


I thought you would like this aircraft in IF…


I see @planecrazy has opened up KSEA, and it had to be after i departed there earlier today 😒



@Plane-Train-TV at KFLL!


we have american eagle now or was i seriously just not looking hard enough


No. Its a photoshop he made.


Aw i wanted to fly that plane its one of my favorites great photo though lol


Saw @Plane-Train-TV doing patterns at KFLL! @mkwiecek controlling on Expert almost reporting him to tyler for making a careless mistake,but he corrected it so every things poka poka


Also spotted @Kate_Russell doing patterns at KEWR! whilest daniel vikido controls


I was doing a go around due to a prop being on the runway I was going to land at. Everything worked out though. :)


I was that prop


Oh wow, it is all good. I haven’t had a good go around with IFATC in a while. I am glad to know I still got it under some pressure :)


The Mod Squad is on their way to RJAA (Tokyo Narita)!!

Welcome to Japan, @Levet, @Chris_S and @DeerCrusher. Remember to grease that landing Deer 🛬


I think I did. I had to taxi for a good 8 minutes to get from one side of the airport to the other. Fun stuff!


Deercrusher and his always-present humor!


I did take a screenshot in the dark of the night. It did look like a grease tho ;)


I’ll have to go back and watch my landing. 🤫