Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Spotted @Captain_JR at OTHH…

Hmmm I wonder why…


Yeah I wonder as well 🤔


Zooming into LHR on LiveFlight, and I see the Unicorn again… I hope you had a wonderful return flight @MishaCamp

But there’s more. A few familiar pilots, spotted: @Andrey_Wing, @azeeuwnl, @Jeffrey1o2, @MaximV and @ViperB727


@Ethan_Hansen with the Superb Approach at OMDB! (Not sure if that’s the exact word I’m looking for )


Thanks! Paws a fantastic session other than people who contacted me at FL300


Thanks for spot! Airspace is really crowded with many famous people.




Hi @ImVegan @Sebastian9915 @Nate_Schneller
I also spotted @Aceorbit, @Max, and a few others


Well that’s the first time I’ve been spotted in a while!


It’s @ImVegan


Spotted @Doug_Hamilton, @EthanT2, @tristan777, @LeoHund and @Matt at EHAM :)


@MrMrMan departing KLAX.


People spotted at KLAX:

@Julius97 I did a parallel takeoff with ya!
@Sebastian9915 controlling like an expert
@baseball_inferno going up to KSFO
@EthanT2 heading to KLAX


That TO looked amazing! Have a nice flight


I saw @art_martinez flying around in Northern Florida a little bit ago. Now I see @Nate_Schneller in South Carolina! Have safe flights!


Hi @Nate_Schneller! Have a fun Flight to KSSC!


Whoever was the southwest guy who knew nothing about how to clear a runway, you made me run outta fuel and crash. This was KLAX

there was no Fuel button! What the heck! @SkyHighGuys sorry for the crash.


Hey, I saw you there!


Did you watch me glide into what looked like a Walmart’s?


Look at my profile pic and you’ll know the answer to that question