Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


Southwest and their lovely colors :)

I was just beside George, I’ve been standing here all day actually, ever since sunrise, haha.

Anyways, hope you have a safe and pleasant flight to Pheonix + Safe landings. Always Butter ;)


And A Koreanair 747, looks like @SimpleWaffles is going to Korea! Have a fun flight!


You departed just as I was taxing parallel the runway.

Have a safe flight mate


Feels sad to say goodbye but it’s time to leave ATL. Qatari 756 Heavy, A very heavy 777-300ER is soon to begin taxiing ;)

It was fun spotting y’all, hope to see you guys again. Stay Safe :)


😡 No. Always greeeesy.


Its southwest, what do you expect. 😂😂.

LOL Only joking Deer


I mean I was on a Southwest flight on Tuesday from Wichita to Las Vegas and boy, the pilots butter that toast real good.


White or multigrain?


Sourdough 😜


Sir Greeser up here is gettin real off topic…


I’m sorry. Keep spotting each other. 👀


And im sitting here laughing my butt off.


Always. Can’t go as low as CR3W’s landings ;)


Indeed! My hometown.


Credit to @Jose_gil

@Kevinsoto1502 @DiamondGaming4 @harmyd @BigBert10 @ClarenceTheAvgeek


@USA007 and I had a nice parallel landing into Atlanta, and then later I took off behind him again by chance! I always find it kind of incredible how two planes that originate in far away places can end up landing right beside one another. 😁


I just saw @Delta319 fly past me en route to Seattle.
@Juanca and his SWA group flight
And @Trevor_A and @Juan_Oosthuizen flying to EGLL for VGVA.
@Declan_O going to Tokyo from Atlanta.


rip the “I will intercept you” dude following smh

enjoy em tailwinds to MKE


Yeah lol and he didnt even intercept me lol


@Tucker_Ryan at KBTV!