Community Members Spotted on Live Part 2


@Joseph_Spinner hello at LaGuardia!


@Zach_S arriving at KATL


Ladies and Gentlemen, This is your Captain speaking #JR, On behalf of the Qatar Airways Team, I’d like to say that I do not apologize for the delay which will now be prolonged even further because, @MishaCamp (#UNICORN) and @Cameron (#LiveFlightInventorGuyTooCoolDudeSomething-Hi-Cam) is on their way to ATL.

Now hang tight as I’ll just make the pre-flight procedur 10x slower… hihi


I spy with my little eye
an @SimpleWaffles at JFK headed to RKSI


#TraitorToJapan #HomeNationDenied :P

#ButSeoul-IsAmazing #K-Pop #K-Drama #K-Everything


I can see a @Captain_JR sat on the ground @KATL
Have a fun trip!


Plus @Tom_Grollman


I’ve been stuck here since morning (EDT) Like since 7am local time in Atlanta #EastCoast :P

Hope to depart after Misha and Cam lands ;)


Jason parked right next to me before I took off!(I’m the Korean 747-8)

@Captain_JR no JAL 77W No ANA 77W=No Realism


Who is The Flying Dutchman?


Oh Hi @Tom_Grollman. It actually feels like forever since I’ve seen you although you did control last week as I was inbound… yup. It’s only 1 week since I last saw you!


I did once fly the Generic 777-300ER for JAL from JFK. Othrewise I use the Generic 777-300ER for China Eastern, China Southern and Biman Bangladesh :D

But having the liveries would be nice, but I do have a feature request up for JAL 777-300ER ;)


Saw today @RTG113 approaching to Atlanta


I also found @Airbus_737

And @VAnuj

Ha ha…My big 747 dwarfs you!


I saw you @SimpleWaffles before IF crashed :(

The reason my call sign had “heavy” in it was because I had forgotten to change it after doing a flight in a heavy. I changed it when I realized that :)


Oof. No one spots me ;) maaaaybe I use IFC names of others maaaaaaaybe not


Oh Lord and Jesus and all other high class businessmen from Shanghai, it’s a Moderator Party at ATL today!!!

@Levet has joined in with @MishaCamp, @Tom_Grollman and @Cameron. We need Seb and Tyler ASAP 😎

Wait they are staff… they are not welcome to the Mod Party… Where is Deer? Crushing deers somwhere probs 🤔



Deercrusher is over there parked


I heard G-FLAC on the radio but couldn’t find ya’. Oh well. Glad to see folks are enjoying the day today. Sure is busy. 👋🏼 I’m off to Phoenix in the LUVliest of birds. 💙❤️💛


I see a rare sight, another Decathlon!